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Statement from Terry and Linda Barden


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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to keep you informed on what is happening. The series was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dickerson which we would like to welcome aboard. And we wouldlike to give a Big THANK YOU to Robert and Laura Mullins who made ROMCO Racing possible for the last six years. They have been GREAT to work with and also very good friends.


We are going through a transition right now. But Terry Dickerson wanted to you to know that he will have some announcements which should take place (I believe) by the end of next week. He is currently putting a purse together, getting the schedule made, trying to get rules finalized, etc. So you know they have been busy.


I also wanted you to know that ROMCO Racing will have a banquet this year. Details to follow. Thank you again Robert and Laura. (Banquet will be in January.)


There are many things going on right now so as I get releases, I will inform you. If you have not provided me with your phone number previously, please do so now. Terry Dickerson is interested in talking with the Racers. He also wanted to let you know he is available for questions at the following number (903)576-4104 after 3:00 p.m. Central Time.


Again, we will be keeping you informed as much as possible. Continue to view the website also for any updates.


Thank You All for your Support

Terry and Linda Barden

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