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Fall Classic @ HOT Spwy. Sat. night results/recaps

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Sorry to get these done so late, but my laptop crapped out on Saturday night, and I was too tired to keep my eyes open long enough on Sunday night after two looooooooooooong nights of racing.


Leuschner’s Late Pass, Spoils Webb’s Win

Veteran, Ken Old and young gun Jared Webb paced the IMCA Modified 24 car field to green for the start of the A-main. Old, got loose as green waved allowing Webb to get out to a good lead. Glenn Leushner moved by Old on lap 1 to snag the second spot. Terry Woodall moved along side Old to battle for third, with Hardy Henderson taking a look inside Woodall. Woodall would slam the door on the Henderson on lap 5.


Matt Martin moved into the top five, taking fifth on lap 6. Webb caught traffic on lap 7 giving Leuschner the chance to reel him in, when yellow waved for a multi-car tangle in turns 1-2, putting Jason Borlace on the trailer for the night. Woodall used the restart to grab third from Old. 2004 IMCA Modified Rookie of the Year, Trevor Egbert used the high side to get by Old on lap 8, but would fall back a lap later.


Brent McDowell brought the yellow on lap 10 when he looped his ride between turns 3-4. On the restart, 2004 HOT IMCA Track Champion, Ronnie Warren and Shane Killingsworth hooked bumpers, with Charlie Smith stopping behind them. As green waved again, Greg Atwood took fourth from Old. In a fight between teens, T. Egbert and 2004 I-37 Speedway IMCA Track Champion, Steven Whitaker jr. ran wheel to wheel for sixth.


At the crossed flags it was Webb, Leuschner, Woodall, Atwood and Old in the top five spots. Warren spun to the edge on the infield on lap 14 to bring out a caution. As the race resumed, the field accordianed with Shawn Stephenson and Charles Lamb getting turned to the infield. Webb got a little loose on the restart giving Leuschner the chance to get the nose inside, but Webb fought off Leuschner to maintain his lead, while Woodall pulled to a stop from third with a flat.


Dave Cooke, Monte Nichols III and Martin ran three wide for eighth on the restart, with Cooke getting the spot. Whitaker used the high groove to get around Old on lap 15 to take fourth. Two-time Texas Thunder Spwy. IMCA Track Champion, Keith White got by T. Egbert on lap 17 to move into sixth. Webb and Leuschner were pulling away from Atwood and Whitaker on lap 18 to settle to fight between themselves.


Whitaker, who had fallen back on the initial start, took third from Atwood on lap 19. Inside five to go, Leuschner started to pressure Webb for the top spot. On lap 22 Leuschner got along side Webb and took over the point on lap 23. Leuschner the 2004 Grand Prairie Spwy. Modified ans SIMS Track Champion, would be able to hold on the final laps to get the victory piloting the Toms Food Market/Mac Tools/Wells Racing Engines/Starr Graphic Designs/Trackmaster Chassis.


FEATURE-1. #89-Glenn Leuschner, Irving; 2. #15-Jared Webb, McKinney; 3. #88-Steven Whitaker Jr., Corpus Christi; 4. #23A-Greg Atwood, Georgetown; 5. #1W-Keith White, Academy; 6. #521-Ken Olds, Kempner; 7. #23-Dave Cooke, Austin; 8. #78-Trevor Egbert, Salado; 9. #83-Monty Nichols III, Corpus Christi; 10. #184-Brent McDowell, Red Oak; 11. #18-Cody Williamson, Waco; 12. #190-Shawn Stephenson, Howe; 13. #11M-Matt Martin, Alvarado; 14. #34-Ronnie Warren, Oglesby; 15. #3-Terry Woodall, Leander; 16. #71-Charles Lamb, Aledo; 17. #45-Shane Killingsworth, Dallas; 18. #127-Charlie Smith, Forney; 19. #60X-Jason Ilich, Joshua; 20. #717-G.W. Egbert, Salado; 21. #96-Johnny Sheets, Gatesville; 22. #125-Jason Borlace, San Antonio; 23. #63-Hardy Henderson, Round Rock; 24. #48-Ronnie Sigman, Dallas.




Back to Back for Cogburn

The SIMS Limited Modified feature began with 2004 HOT SIMS Track Champion, Chris Cogburn on the pole flanked by Carroll Edmonds. On the initial start the field backed up coming out of turn 4 , with Adam Epperson getting shoved into wall hard, ending his night early. Cogburn got a good start as green flew and was quickly into turn 1, while Edmonds fell back to fifth and then spun on lap 2.


Cogburn had built a big lead over Jeffery Shepperd, Roy Ewing and Keith White by lap 3. Sid Kiphen moved up to the fifth spot on lap 5 getting by Jeff Sexton and bringing Trevor Lane along to sixth. Cogburn increased his lead to nearly a full straightaway over Shepperd, while Ewing and White battled for third. Kiphen and Lane ran down the Ewing, White fight on lap 10 when caution waved for Bennie Everhart who had trouble and rolled to a stop in turn 3.


Cogburn, who had lost his huge lead, regained some distance as green waved again. White got by Ewing on the restart and made quick work of Shepperd grabbing second on lap 11. At the halfway point it was Cogburn, White, Shepperd, Ewing and Kiphen in the top five. By lap 15, Cogburn had increased his advantage over White, who had a gap back Shepperd, Ewing, Kiphen and Lane.


Lane’s night ended on lap 17 as he pulled of from the fray. With five to go, the battle for fourth heated up with the two teammates, Ewing and Kiphen dueling side by side. White was able to close on Cogburn who was stuck in traffic, but not enough to mount a serious challenge. As the checkers waved it was Cogburn, the 2003 SIMS Fall Classic winner, taking the checkers in his Dick Kettler Attorney at Law/Dameron Oil/Race Engine Solutions/Big Boys Wreckers/Bush’s Chicken/Smileys Chassis.


FEATURE-1. #5-Chris Cogburn, Waco; 2. #17X-Keith White, Academy; 3. #171-Jeffrey Shepperd, Waco; 4. #28-Roy Ewing, Moody; 5. #58-Sid Kiphen, Gatesville; 6. #8-Jeff Sexton, West; 7. #55-T.J. Green, Robinson; 8. #89-Glenn Leuschner, Irving; 9. #30-Chase Jupe, West; 10. #76L-Don Pierson, Combine; 11. #6-Dillon Pike, Waxahachie; 12. #16-Chris Roan, ; 13. #7-Cody Frank, Waco; 14. #47-Shannon Dulock, Bellmead; 15. #32-David Cook, Red Oak; 16. #9-Bennie Everhart, Red Oak; 17. #1B-Brandon Hood, McGregor; 18. #19-Marshall Brown, Jacksonville; 19. #07-Brent Cargal, Mannsville, OK; 20. #17-Trevor Lane, Cleburne; 21. #87M-Mark Bolfing, Woodcreek; 22. #1W-Carroll Edmonds, Waco; 23. #44-Richard Harvey, 75124; 24. #38 Adam Epperson, Livingston.


Dulock Ducks in for Win

The IMCA Stock Car main started with Ronnie Sigman(in Duain Pritchett’s back up car) and Chris Cogburn on the front row. Sigman and Cogburn stayed door to door through turns 1-2, with Sigman getting the ‘Advantage’ to lead lap 1. Jonathon Pearson and Benji Kirkpatrick battled side by side on lap 2 for fourth spot. Jason Honey took a look inside Cogburn for second position on lap 3, but was able to get by. Lap 4 saw the caution wave for Texas Thunder Spwy. Promoter, Pat Wilson as he broke and stopped in turn 4.


On the restart David Khoury and Jason Batt got hooked, with Batt spinning. Once back to racing, Kirkpatrick got around Pearson for the fourth spot, with BJ Dulock following Kirkpatrick through to fifth. Dulock then grabbed fourth from Kirkpatrick on lap 6. Honey and Cogburn continued their fight for second on lap 7, as Dulock gained on both. Eddy Watson spun on lap 9 to bring out a caution, during that time Kirkpatrick pitted from fifth.


On the restart, Dulock took third from Honey and closed the gap on the lead duo. Yellow waved again on lap 11 for debris in turn 4. Dulock tried the high side on Cogburn as green waved again, while Honey took a look inside. Dulock and Cogburn ran side by side on lap 12, with Dulock getting the spot at the halfway point. At halfway the top five were Sigman, Dulock, Cogburn, Honey and Khoury.


Dulock put the heat on Sigman on lap 18 when he got the nose inside coming out of turn 2. The lead duo then ran up on lap traffic with three laps to go. As the duet sliced and diced their way through, Sigman was forced to go high. This gave Dulock the chance he needed to duck inside. Sigman tried to root the lap car out of the way as they ran into turn 3. Dulock avoided the spinning lap car and was able to beat Sigman to the line to eke the win.


FEATURE-1. #251-B.J. Dulock, Robinson; 2. #22-Ronny Sigman, Combine; 3. #4-Jason Honey, Waco; 4. #37-David Khoury, Waco; 5. #42-Mark Geurin, Whitney; 6. #47-Benji Kirkpatrick, Elm Mott; 7. #23-Shad Stevens, Troy; 8. #63C-Trace Crawford, Copperas Cove; 9. #96-Ronny Maynard, Quinlan, 10. #181-Ed Thompson, Waco; 11. #20C-Chris Moore, Leander; 12 .#24-Eddy Watson, Crowley; 13. #02-James Grimes, Alvarado; 14. #OU1-Ty Cobb, Belton; 15. #99-Jason Batt, Killeen; 16. #25-Chris Cogburn, Waco; 17. #85-Larry Stinson, Arlington; 18. #107-Jonathan Pearson, Gatesville; 19. #47C-Curtis Washburn, Frankston; 20. #489-Anthony Otken, Killeen; 21. #7-Pat Wilson, Harker Heights; 22. #46-Billy Taylor, Gatesville; 23. #114-John Smith, Poynor; 24. #97-Craig Brown, Killeen.


The 24 car Street Stock feature started with Andrew Simmerman and Kenny Weir on row 1, with Greg Andrews and Robert Simmerman getting tangled on the start. A. Simmerman got the lead on lap 1, but gave way to Ritchie Robins on lap 2. Arnold Hodges spun on lap 2 and was able to continue but as the pack stacked up behind him several others spun to bring out a caution.


With Robins continuing to hold the point, David Watkins spun collecting a few others in the process. By lap 5, G. Andrews had worked his way up to fifth, with cousin Doug Andrews grabbing sixth. Mark Guerin would spin on lap 7 while battling with A. Simmerman for third. Bill Eller brought out the red flag on lap 10 after he spun, slid to the infield and rolled onto his top. Eller would be alright after the crash.


On the restart, Jason Gauntt snuck by A. Simmerman for second, with Robins getting away from the field. At the mid point it was Robins, Gauntt, A. Simmerman, G. Andrews and D. Andrews rounding out the top five. Ed Thompson and D. Andrews both got by G. Andrews on lap 16, with D. Andrews giving way to Matt Smith a lap later. Gauntt caught Robins in traffic on lap 18 and was looking to challenge for the lead.


Smith slipped high on lap 20 giving D. Andrews the opportunity to get underneath. Contact was made sending Smith into the backstretch wall, then spinning in turn 3. On the restart, Gauntt spun himself out ending his bid for the win and moving A. Simmerman to second with Thompson and D. Andrews battling side by side for third.


With three to go Robins had built a good lead over A. Simmerman who had a good gap back to the Thompson, D. Andrews fight. Thompson and D. Andrews were back at it running door to door as the white flag waved. Coming to the checkers it was Robins taking the top spot by a comfortable margin.


FEATURE-1. #1X-Ritchie Robins, Lorena; 2. #8-Andrew Simmerman, Evant; 3. #1-Doug Andrews, Waco; 4. #181-Ed Thompson, Waco; 5. #711-Mike Watkins, Waco; 6. #9-Ty Hawkey, Kempner; 7. #73-Jason Gauntt, Elm Mott; 8. #8X-Chris Guile, Irving; 9. #132-- Marguerite Cook, Red Oak; 10. #55-Ronnie Warren, Oglesby; 11. #3-Mike Sutherland, Waco; 12. #15-Barry Maple, Athens; 13. #34-Larry Moore, Waco; 14. #81-Russell Meeks, Waco; 15. #84-Norris Meeks, Waco; 16. #91-Carl Estes, Waco; 17. #17-Matt Smith, Chandler; 18. #08-Greg Andrews, Waco; 19. #32-Bill Eller, Hewitt; 20. #45st-Brian Fuller, Killeen; 21. #00-Kenny Weir, Lott; 22. #28-Arnold Hodges, Wells; 23. #21X-Robert Simmerman, Evant; 24. #42-Mark Geurin, Whitney.


Now normally a Pure Stock feature starting after 3:00 AM, in 40% temperatures wouldn’t garner much attention, but at the Fall Classic, the unexpected is usually the norm. The 24 car race started innocently enough with polesitter, Chris Hale getting the lead from Logan Saulters on lap 1. Keith Stanton brought out the yellow when he spun in turns 3-4, during the yellow Timmy Kemp pulled off from third with an ill sounding motor.


On the restart, Robert Black got by Saulters for second and closed in on Hale for the lead. Black took over the top spot on lap 5, just before Frank Lackey rolled to a stop in turn 3. As green waved again, Charlie Norris spun to slow the action again.


Now the action was about to pick up. At the green, Matt Hodges squeezed Doug Andrews into the front stretch wall. D. Andrews climbed the wall with right side, but never lifted and hardly missing a beat. D. Andrews caught Hodges on lap 10 and scraped some paint off as he went by. Hodges dove hard into turn 1 and quarter-paneled D. Andrews sending him spinning to the infield.


D. Andrews refired and caught up with his prey on the back stretch giving him the bumper and spinning Hodges out. Randall Craft, apparently a friend of Hodges, cut through the infield to drill D. Andrews who spun near the winners circle. As D. Andrews took off, Hodges had come up behind him and tagged him again as the they played ring around the winners circle. Hodges got out of his car, with D. Andrews pulling up to say “hello.” D. Andrews gave Hodges unmanned car another parting shot as all three were black-flagged for rough driving.


I’m not one to condone rough driving or bad sportsmanship, but fortunately all the kids still left in stands were fast asleep and weren’t forced to watch the free-for-all. But it did wake up the remaining crowd and get the blood circulating through the half-frozen masses. On ya, there was still a race to finish too.


As the race resumed, the top five spread out coming to the halfway point with Black, Hale, Saulters, Kevin Smith and David Sarkies in the top five. Hale was able to sneak a peek inside Black on lap 17 as Black got held up in traffic. Lackey spun from a pack battling in front of the leaders, collecting the fourth place car of Smith.


Sarkies got inside Saulters as the green waved again with the duo running door to door for two laps before Sarkies finally got the spot. Lackey and Frank Holsinger made contact sending Holsinger up on top of the back stretch wall to bring out the final yellow on lap 21. During the slow down, Saulters pitted from third with a flat tire. Norris, who had spun earlier, was steadily working his way back up grabbing fourth on the final restart and third on the final lap. Black was able to get away from Hale and run to the checkers.


FEATURE-1. #07-Lil' Robert Black, Hallsburg; 2. #7-Chris Hale, Ringling, OK; 3. #C17-Charlie Norris, Hillsboro; 4. #44-David Sarkies; 5. #08-Keith Stanton, Palestine; 6. #40-David Sawyer, Axtell; 7. #97-Ken Boatman, Whitehouse; 8. #4M-Mark Salango, China Spring; 9. #87-Cory Tekell, Robinson; 10. #3-Vernon Schroeder, Anderson; 11. #34-Gordon Goleman, Frankston; 12. #9-Eddie Richardson, Jacksonville; 13. #47-Logan Saulters, Bellmead; 14. #06-Frank Lackey, Joshua; 15. #27X-- Frank Holsinsen, Irving; 16. #8-David Malone, Palestine; 17. #1M-Landon Miller, Tyler; 18. #57-Kevin Smith, Waco; 19. #17X-- Kirk Berry, Jacksonville; 20. #106-Tony Lueck, Riesel; 21. #1-Timmy Kemp, Bellmead; 22. #27-Matt Hedges, Wells-DQ; 23. #176-Randall Craft, Pollok-DQ; 24. #1st-Doug Andrews, Waco-DQ.


Bobby Parker got the lead at the start of the Mini Stock main, from Mike Gallien. Parker was quickly joined by teammate Jason Riddle on lap 5. In the meantime, Brain Stipe was working his way through the field catching the leaders on lap 7. Stipe got by Riddle on lap 9, then Parker on lap 10 to grab the point on lap 11 as they dodged lap traffic.


At halfway the top five were Stipe, Parker, Riddle, Jason Hoffman and Gallien. As the teammates ran three wide splitting the lap car of Mark Krupp, Parker and Krupp got together and found the back stretch wall. As the green waved, Stipe was forced to pit a flat tire handing the lead over to Riddle and moving Jeremy Oliver into the top five after starting in the eighth row.


After a caution for Billy White, Riddle got out to a big lead when Hoffman broke the front suspension. The final yellow waved on lap 21 when Shane Smith and Bubba Richardson made contact battling for fifth. Riddle was able to hold off Gallien and Oliver on the restart to take the win.


FEATURE-1. #35-Jason Riddle, Dallas; 2. #81-Mike Gallien, Dayton; 3. #82-Jeremy Oliver, Robinson; 4. #57-Jay Baggett, Iowa Park; 5. #135-Bobby Parker, Dallas; 6. #10-Steven Webb, Wichita Falls; 7. #42-Bubba Richardson, Plain Dealing, LA; 8. #61D-Mike DeRoon, Waco; 9. #133-Jamie Richardson, Plain Dealing, LA; 10. #B4-O.N. Harcrow, West; 11. #008-Terry Beard, Kaufman; 12. #24-Joseph Hunt, Comanche; 13. #12-Rusty Green, Dallas; 14. #23-Shad Stevens, Troy; 15. #11X-Robert Gartman, Comanche; 16. #34-Mark Krupp Sr., New Caney; 17. #100-Shane Smith, Waco; 18. #1-Jason Hoffman, Harker Heights; 19. #17-Billy White, Gatesville; 20. #18-Brian Stipe, Baytown; 21. #747-Tommy McManus Sr., Kemp; 22. #151-Lyle Miller, Forney; 23. #110-James R. Tanner, Belton; 24. #83-Kenny Ware, Holland.


In the 23 car, 20 lap Cruiser feature outside polesitter Larry O’Neal would lead flag to flag to get the victory.


FEATURE-1. #5-Larry O'Neal, Greenville; 2. #30-B. Norton, Belton; 3. #8-Eric Odiorne, Killeen; 4. #07-Michael Haisler, Elm Mott; 5. #97-Linda Wills, Axtell; 6. #69-Michael Legore, Nolanville; 7. #501-J.J. O'Neal, Greenville; 8. #157-Lynn Zieseniss, Kemp; 9. #744-Kenneth Dean, Elm Mott; 10. #87-Mike Bolfing, Wimberley; 11. #16X-Dustin Cleveland, Elm Mott; 12. #9-Cheryl Richardson, Jacksonville; 13. #85-Corey Stepan, Killeen; 14. #99-Steve Young, Robinson; 15. #70-Shawn Langley, Elm Mott; 16. #11Z-Chris Zieseniss, Arlington; 17. #10R-Russell Brackeen, West; 18. #100-Robert Wall, Temple; 19. #14-Donna Taylor, Gatesville; 20. #96-Jeff Woodruff, Lincoln City; 21. #25-Michael Guenat, Robinson; 22. #7-Richard Fitch, Buda; 23. #3-Robin Rasmussen, Killeen; 24. #72-Joe Graves, Grapeland-DNR.


Nathan Sodek got the early lead in the Jr. Mini Stock main but gave way to Brandon Goodnight on lap 7. From there Goodnight, would have a good night as he ran off to grab the checkers.


FEATURE-1. #8-Brandon Goodnight, Mart; 2. #13M-Kathryn Minter, Bedford; 3. #15-Alex Bullock, Garland; 4. #747-Tommy McManus Jr., Kemp; 5. #601-David Cosper, Belton; 6. #3-Josh Cox, Gorman; 7. #17-Matt Smith, Brownsboro; 8. #121-Roman Garcia, Crowley; 9. #08-Robert Bechtel, Palestine; 10. #24-Kyle Hunt, Commanche; 11. #5-Chandler Simons, Waco; 12. #60-Nathan Sodek, Temple; 13. #88-Kyle Jones, Kennedale; 14. #33-Jay Symm, Lorena.

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