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Junior Racers of America release

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November 5, 2004

Contact: JRA Kids Club -- abrungot@prodigy.net or (512) 750.4378


Austin TX -- Junior Racers of America (JRA Kids Club) announces its 2005 launch.


Aaron Brungot and Laura Cabrera soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Brungot announcedtoday that the JRA Kids Club launch date has been set. The News of a Kid's club at Thunder Hill Raceway has been circulating for several months, and starting January 1st there will be a kids club at Thunder Hill Raceway for children 4 - 16 years of age. More membership information will be released in the December club newsletter.


JRA Kids Club will have several focus's in the upcoming year, # 1 Provide a safe learning environment for the children of the racing community. # 2 Promote the motto "Kids Helping Kids to Succeed." # 3 Give back to the Community, and the racing world. All of these focus areas will require funding to execute them and in order to fund the Kids club several efforts are underway.


Aaron and Laura have made a personal donation of $500 to get things off the ground. And look to raise an additional $5000 during the year. The first effort in raising that money is a project named "Aluminum Hobby". This recycling project has a big goal, recycle the equal weight of a Hobby Stock race car by the end of the 2005 racing season. That's a goal of 3,400 lbs of Aluminum beverage cans or if you want the bigger number 110,000 cans!


Additional fundraising efforts have been planned for the year, and JRA is always in search of financial, product or service sponsorship. If interested please contact Aaron or Laura at abrungot@prodigy.net or (512) 750.4378.


In support of JRA's focus areas 10% of all money raised will be Donated to the Any Baby Can (ABC) Candlelighters Program. ABC and Candlelighters have partnered together to provide service to families dealing with childhood cancer. Visit the Candlelighters website at www.abcaus.org/Candlelighters.asp.


If you are interested in getting on the JRA Kids Club e-mail newsletter list, Please email abrungot@prodigy.net and put Newsletter addition in the subject line.

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It will be released between 12/22 and 12/26.... Do have an exact date.. sorry the wedding is in 5 days.. and the long nights are taking the toll...


Here is the list of items on tap for the Newsletter... Sponsors, Club agenda, Membership info, and a update on Project Hobby.. plus many others..





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