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McAllen Modified results 10/30/04

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>Limited Modified


>56-Jeff Walker

>57-Jensen Prey

>12-David Marroquin

>07-Adam Schach

>13-Johnny Johnson

>43-David Dobbs

>38-Bill Wages

>29-Luke Vigneault

>23-George Rodriguez

>21-Chris Carrol




>17-Adan Arambula

>07-Adam Schach

>00-Jamie Schach

>91-Bobbie Maupin

>99-Clay Houston

>13-Johnny Johnson

>15-Chris Carrol

>12-Rolie Rodriguez

>k9-Ed Cox Jr.

>95-Jeremy Davenport

>51-Brandon Braylock

>57-Dale Flanagan

>50-Barney Solis

>88-Hiram Alaniz

>4-Justin Majek

>82-Steve Majek

>55-Danny Brown



>Luke Vigneault

>Parts & Service Director

>Hacienda Ford

>"Free Tires For Life"

>956-383-1615 ext 119, 800-444-1615 ext 119

>cell 956-239-3079

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