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CCMs race


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Guest The_Greek



#5 L. Alexander

#53 R. Englehardt

#4 E. Breiten

#79 J. Armandia

#41 D. Horelka




#99 Kyle Carter

#91 Steve Grantz

#88 Tommy Wynd




#21 EG Gilpin






#88 Bobby Jack


congrats to all the winners

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last I heard as of 3:00 or 2:00 depending on if your clock was set back that there were some Dq's



Englehardt got dq'd from second place

LLoyd was working on there car but was still legal as we left




I also hear that Grantz got Dq'd


I hate to post rumors but I can assure that Englehardt got dq'd because I was in the pits next to his when they came from tech.


it was one hell of a wild night in CC. The late model race was great

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Granted, I'm just a fan, but I wasn't all that impressed with the Late Models. You had one car that figgured if he could't pass 'em, he'd wreck 'em. He hit everything but the Flag Stand and a Tow Truck. I didn't pay to see a Demolition Derby.

Like I said, I'm just a fan, so my opinion don't mean squat, but that race was just sad.




Edit for spelling...

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I saw that whoever was leading was trying like hell to keep the lead. That is the case on a lot of the drivers not just one.


Congrats to Kyle Carter in the streets. He was on rails all night and no one could touch him.



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