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Who WIll Win AT CCMS


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So Who Will win the Texas Stock Car Championships?


My Votes


Late Models


Tommy Gural


Lloyd Alexander as back up


Street Stocks


Kyle Carter




Tx Thunder


#14 in the dodge not sure of the name but he was fast last time I was down there

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Lets change it,


how about who will set fast time and then pick a winner. I'll go out on a limb and say the fast qualifier will not win the mains.

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i know who wont win. ME I cant come do to unplanned emergency room visit (like they are ever planned) for my three year old son Colton who thought his head was a baseball and ran into a bat while my other son Dale was swinging it. i think it was a double or maybe a triple.


my pick for the SS is the shrimp (smart choice)

my pick for the one i want to win is Crazyhorse (of course)


good luck every body and have a safe trip


dale caswell

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Bombers and Texas Thunder don't matter to me.
Damn Jason, ...and I thought you were a nice guy....LOL

TexasThunders- #44 Rick "SlySnake" Russell
and for you 12and2fan, come by the pits and have Jason's beer! :D:D:D
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Late Models:

I'll say Joey Heineman or Donny Herelka, Joey has several laps here and knows what it takes to win. Donny Herelka knows how to save a car and when to turn it on, but I'm not sure if he's actually here. Ervin Breiten will set fast time.

Super Stocks:

Jr. and Grantz will put on a show and I think Belino will be up there as well. As far as fast time, could be anybody, they're all pretty equal.


Bobby Jack fast time, John Hendricks for the win in a physical race, but anyone can win in the bombers.


Don't know who's here, but based on just locals and if they run TPS rules, Lalo Leal sweeps both. Under Tx. Thunder rules, I lay odds on Will Robertson (14) to take fast time and race as long as he doesn't have to pass in traffic and if he starts ahead of GB if he's here. Too many ifs to figure this one out, but the top five or ten will be very close.


All that I know is that we should be in for a treat this weekend and hopefully everyone can return their cars to their garages in one piece and everyone leaves happy :D

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