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Ok Guys, I need some help.


I have a 92 Toyota Camry.


It died on my daughter at an intersection and will not start.


It tries to start and wants to start but won't.


There is a not normal sound coming from a black box.


If you are standing in front of the car looking at the motor, this box is located to the left of the battery and right in front of the starter. It is really more like a cover over something.

There is one bolt holding it on and there are I think two covered wires going into it from underneath it.


What is it? Or what is under there that could break and not let the car start?


Thanks in advance.

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Ok ya'll are no help.


Anyway, I got the cover off and underneath it is what looks to be part of the throttle.


You know you have a cable thing up by the fire wall and you can move it to increase the motor speed when your working on the car.


What I am seeing it part of that, if you follow it down.


Is there maybe a relay that could have stopped working?

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While it might not sound "normal" it likely isn't part of the problem. By description that sounds like the cruise control actuator.


When you say "it tries to start" or "it wants to start", that isn't descriptive enough to guess at what is happening.


1. Does it turn over (spin) when the starter is engaged?


2. Does is make normal "compression sounds" when spinning or does it just make a "whirring noise".


3. Can you smell gasoline at the exhaust after cranking it for a few seconds?


If it died at an intersection, it could be electrical or worst case, it could be timing belt (or chain). What kind of diagnostic tools do you have available (spark plug wrench, compression gauge, etc.).

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I know the Taurus would make it down there Jason. 247K and counting.


But, it's Homecoming football tonight and tomorrow Kristina is going to spend the night with a friend.


So, I am going to stay home and do a little house cleaning.


I was busy tiling my neighbors kitchen counter tops this week, so I didn't do any cleaning.


Maybe next time though.


Good Luck to all that race this weekend and I hope you have beautiful weather.

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No he is an old friend of my dad's.


They used to work together many years ago and he now lives out here in Luckenbach.


He is the one that got me interested in racing as an adult. He used to race at Longhorn and we went out and watched him one night and I was hooked. The sign I read on the way out said "Powder Puff" next weekend. So, I called him up and said David can I drive your car? He was real quite on the phone for a second. Well needless to say I convinced him to let me driver his car. I went on to drive to a 1st place finish my first time ever out. And it was his Birthday that night and the first time the car had ever seen a win. He was real happy about that. That was in 1985. To this day he still is proud of that and tells people about it.


Just kinda of a neat story.

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