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Dale Jr causing cautions


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His car is crap and he spins Carl Edwards out because he was about to be lapped. He was also hot cause of battling with 19.


His right rear brake is locking up. Instead of fixing it they put tires on he goes out still with problems and spins Dale Jarrett to bring out a caution so he can fix his brakes.


And.... NASCAR does nothing.

Robby oops i mean Dale needs to be parked.

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VERY Sad news. :(



NASCAR 'family' killed in plane crash


05:51 PM EDT on Sunday, October 24, 2004







A Virginia funeral home confirms they can expect the bodies of ten people who were on the Hendrick Motorsports Aviation plane that crashed in the Bull Mountain area near Martinsville, Virginia.


Names given by the funeral home: Ricky Hendrick, John Hendrick, Kimberley Hendrick, Jennifer Hendrick, Dick Tracy, Joe Jackson, Liz Morrison, Jeff Turner, Randy Dorton and Scott Lathum. John Hendrick is team owner Rick Hendrick's brother, while Ricky Hendrick is his son. Randy Dorton is an engine builder for the company.


The plane was headed into the Blue Ridge Airport, which lies to the west of Martinsville, site of the Subway 500.


“The plane was en route to Martinsville and they lost it on radar and that’s all the information we have,” said one NASCAR official. “We’ve been in contact with Rick Hendrick…we just don’t have a lot of details at the moment…we are going to say a prayer for everyone in the Hendick organization."


Rick Hendrick was not on the plane, say NASCAR officials.


The FAA and NTSB are investigating.


Hendrick Motorsports Aviation is based out of Concord, N.C.


A pilot for the company says that they own about 11 or 12 planes. The pilot says he was still waiting to hear what happened and that he had heard something had happened.


Those planes fly all over the country, he said.


The airport the plane was heading into is called the Blue Ridge Airport and is eight miles southwest of Martinsville.


This airport is much smaller than the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, with only two runways.


There is no control tower in the immediate area. The planes that fly into airport are supposed to get clearance to land from Greensboro. About 62 flights per day land at the airport.

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