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Texas Stock Car championships


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These are the drivers that we have received registrations for:

Late Models:

Joe Aramendia

Steve Whiteaker

Teresa Gural

Tommy Gural

Micheal Umschied

Larry Bendele

Donnie Horelka

Gregg Godfrey

Joey Heinaman


Street Stocks:

Eric Knudtson

Clare Randell

Robert Gavlik

Bobby Jack

Trey White

Wesley Black

Tommy Wynd

Chuck Perry

Sam Duncan

Jimmy Mason

Jamie Evans

Jeremy “Tator” Mason

Keith Garrett

Kyle Carter

Rusty Mirth

Bruce Barber

Matthew Gardner

Steve Grantz

Greg Carlucci Jr.

Greg Carlucci Sr.

James Myers

Joey Heinaman


George Piskor

Mike Lee

Michael Jack

Bobby Jack

Gregg Godfrey

Tommy Wynd

John Heinaman

Wayne Voigt

Danny Phelps

Corey Viar

Darin Leonard

Ernie Villegas

Jason Knight

Darenger Nesloney

Joey Heinaman

Andrew Van Blarcum

Gene Hyde



Darrell "Bounty Hunter" Kennemer

Rick Russell

Jesse Sandoval

Lisa Avalos

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Guest The_Greek
dang joey heinaman is going to race all three classes.............talk about a serious payday if he won all 3...........good luck man...........

:D Joey is doing his best impression of Robby Gordon next weekend.

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most of the late models will probably register at the track, i know the Lloyd and Allen Alexander will be there barring a disaster.


Does anybody know if there is going to be pratice on thursday, Owen?

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Sorry, I will only have one car ready for this race. The 50 car is under going a little surgery after last Saturday's incounter with the wall in the TSRS race. I dont think my Nephew ( B ) would like me giving up his ride anyway, nice try though.


Joe aramendia

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It looks like the car count is getting better in all the classes. This should be a great 2 day show. So even if you are SKEERD to bring your car at least bring your A$$ and watch a great weekend of racing and beer drinking.

I'll have plenty of beer in my pits after the race, the only catch all we drink is welfare beer(Natural Light).

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i'm still trying to figure out what there is to be scared about??? all the "if youre scared' are you scared 'and don't be scared"what exactly do you guys think we would be scared of? to run slower than most of us drive through school zones, our do you honestly think we're scared of the competition....i might need to get me some shrimping boots cause the [edited out by Nick Holt, 10/22/04] getting deep....

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Crazy Horse...if you did feel scared The Shrimp would help you work through it. I met him in S.A. and he's a nice guy. He helped me with my setup...reverse camber in front right, my gears 520 (same as S.A.) and toe out 2"s. Oh yeah the no percentage rule...he said put all your lead on the right side. :D

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We were trying to make the race,but my son has two baseball games on Sat. the last

one not ending until about 7:00.As far as being scared it's a good gimmick to get

more cars,but maybe yall should think back to when all the Longhorn cars would come

down at the end of the year.

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Well, I was sure lookin forward to comin down there and checkin out the track but between backing into the wall and cookin the motor while waiting for the traffic jam gettin in the pits after the race, doesn't look like dimples is feelin too good. She will get better, but it will be after the winter reboot.

Maybe I can make it down to spectate.

c' ya

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