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Good Job Kyle Boys!


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I would like to say GOOD JOB to all the guys from Kyle! In the Sportsman race the #4, hung on well for about 20 laps before breaking, the 5,9,73,and 99 all ran a heck of a race, considering this was most of their 1st times out there. Also The 4 Hobby Stock did a great job finishing 14th out of 28 Sportsman cars! The Late Model guys also did well, unfortanatly James Reeder who was running 2nd got a flat tire and had to pit, the 29 and 10 also ran into some bad luck but over all they ran a good race. I think the biggest complant for all the Kyle people was the pits being in the infield, that was a pain, but I think we all had a good time and hopefully we will all make it back next year!! Way to go guys and hope to see everybody on Nov.6th!!!!

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Thank You ALL THR Drivers for being part of the SAS race last weekend.


Good Going Guys it was nice to recognize names from THR. I have to admit my stomach is glad it’s over (nerves first time at SAS).

See you all November 6th. at THR. I know you will all put on a Great Show.


Thank You to THR for opening so we could pick up tires for Chris #9 and Dwayne #4 SS.


We will welcome drivers from all the tracks.


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