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Southern Challenge @ Abilene Speedway

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Southern Challenge @ Abilene Speedway 10/17/04


Flowers First in Southern Challenge Main

With the field of 100 IMCA Modifieds whittled down to the best 20 of the weekend, 2003 IMCA Modified Rookie of the Year, PJ Egbert and 2001 IMCA National Champion, Henry Witt paced the field to green. Egbert got a good jump as the green waved coming out of turn 4. Witt, lost ground on the high side and got tapped by David Trauernicht turning him in front of the field. With nowhere to go, Kenny Stone got into and hung on Witt, with both stopping to get them apart.


The new front row of Egbert and Trauernicht then led the field, with Witt and Stone tagging the tail. Egbert again was first into turn 1, while Trauernicht fell back to fourth when Kelly Cross and Keith White got by. Caution was quickly back out when Mike Hathcock stopped in turn 4. On the third try, Egbert repeated his jump on the green, with Trauernicht and Flowers banging wheels as Trauernicht tried to get out of the high line.


Flowers continued to try to get by Trauernicht for second, allowing Egbert to get a good lead. The top four had eased away from the rest of the pack by lap 8. Flowers and Keith White got by Trauernicht on lap 9 for second and third. Trauernicht tried to force his way back by White and spun White on lap 10 sending him back 13th. Trauernicht, who slid off turn 4, recieved the black flag for rough driving.


Flowers began to close on Egbert while holding a big gap back to Mark Patterson in third. Scotty Phillips brought out the yellow on lap 14 when he spun going into turn 1. Egbert held the point on the restart, with Stone having worked his way back up to sixth and Witt coming back to ninth. Egbert got a slight lead as green waved coming to halfway with Flowers, Patterson, Cross and Dwaine Powers rounding out the top five.


Cross and Patterson made contact while fighting for position, but both continued on, with Cross getting by. Egbert held a couple car length advantage at the 20 lap mark over Flowers who had a gap back to Cross as the field strung out. Egbert was still inching ahead on lap 25, while several cars battled hard for spots 5-12. Powers got kicked out of that fight and spun to bring out a yellow on lap 27.


During the caution, Egbert was forced to pit with a flat right rear that had been rubbing on the spring and weight jack. This handed Flowers the lead as the race went to the green with three to go. Stone ducked inside Patterson on the restart, while Witt tried low on Scotty Cook. Patterson, Cook and Witt then went three wide in turn 4, with Witt winning that battle on the low side.


As the white waved, Flowers had a slight lead over Cross, who had a gap back to Stone and Witt. At the checkers it was Flowers scoring his best ever Southern Challenge finish getting the win in his B& L Satellite Rental/Prop Shop/Rocket Designs/Mustang Country Chevy-Buick/Riverside Transportation/LSI/Bobby Trent Motorplex/Harris Chassis powered by a Flowers Automotive Repair motor.





IMCA Modifieds

1 85 Neal Flowers

2 00 Kelly Cross

3 51 Kenny Stone

4 701 Henry Witt

5 18 Scotty Cook

6 02 David Davis

7 83 Darryl Campbell

8 1 Keith White

9 89 Bo Newton

10 01 James Lopez

11 40 Dwaine Powers

12 707 PJ Egbert

13 17 Mark Patterson

14 256 Gregg Killingsworth

15 104 Scotty Phillips

16 101 Josh Loveless

17 37 David Trauernicht

18 22 Jason Gore

19 48 Ronny Sigman

20 103 Mike Hathcock


Blessington Best in I-Stock Main


Jason Gore and Tim Pyle led the 20 car, 30 lap IMCA Stock Car main to green, with Pyle into turn 1 first and Brian Blessington getting by Gore for second. Before lap 1 was complete, Thomas Earl spun between turns 1-2. Under caution, the polesitter, Gore pulled to the hot pits with a flat tire. Blessington and Pyle then brought the field to green, with Blessington getting the lead coming out of turn 2. Chad Estes, Duain Pritchett and Bradley Poor got by Pyle who was hung out to dry on the high side.


From near the back the pack, Tim Clonch moved along side Chris Meyers for the eighth spot on lap 4. Dustin McGaha and Charlie Wilson were side by side for sixth on lap 6, when the two made contact sending Wilson spinning in turn 1. Blessington got a slight edge on the restart, as Pritchett began to pressure Estes for second. Pritchett got inside Estes on lap 8, opening a hole for Poor to move through. Estes then slowed and was forced to pit after burning a plug wire.


Blessington held a five car advantage over Pritchett, who had a three car gap Poor, Pyle and Clonch. Clonch put the heat on Pyle for fourth as the dueled just before halfway. At the mid-point Blessington was increasing his lead over Pritchett, with Poor, Pyle and Clonch still in the top five.


By lap 18, Pritchett was cutting into Blessington's lead, at the same time pulling away from the third place battle. Clonch got inside and past Pyle for fourth on lap 19. Dan Johnson and Jon Neilson spun on lap 20 to rebunch the field. as green waved again, Pritchett tried to hang on the Blessington's bumper, but Blessington inched away. Clonch and Pyle continued their fight for fourth, with the duo side by side on lap 22.


With five to go, Blessington was five car lengths ahead of Pritchett, while Clonch ran down Poor for third. Clonch was able to get the position on lap 27 and began to track down Pritchett. As Blessington got the white flag, he had about eight cars over Pritchett who now trying to hold off Clonch. At the finish it was the Iowa hot shoe, Blessington, taking the victory piloting the Brians Repair/Iowa Petroleum Equipment/Arnold Motor Supply/Schaffer Lubricants/www.92b.com/T&S Siding/Bread Country Store/Wall Lake Lumber Co./Denny's Texaco/The Machine Shop/CTS/Signs by Pudge/Harris Chassis


IMCA Stock Cars

1 92 Brian Blessington

2 221 Duain Pritchett

3 18 Tim Clonch

4 48 Bradley Poor

5 134 Tim Pyle

6 131 Eric Rempel

7 72 Charles Brewer

8 62 Mike Miles

9 51 Jon Neilson

10 44 Michael Sams

11 007 Chris Meyers

12 11 Dan Johnson

13 2 Joe Colyer

14 09 Ernest Strickland

15 183 Chad Estes

16 021 Jason Gore

17 55 Charlie Wilson

18 01 Dustin McGaha

19 147 Thomas Earl

Philip Houston---DNS


Pyle claimed Blessington

Rempel claimed Pritchett


Martin Bookends Year with Southern Challenge Win


Paul Martin and Joey Patterson held the front row for the 30 IMCA Hobby Stock A-main. Martin grabbed the lead as green waved, but Tim Kent spun after contact with Kelly Brown before a lap was complete. Martin jumped ahead again, with Patterson hanging on to his bumper, while Jerry West got around Todd Bartlett for third. The top three quickly broke away from Bartlett, Matt Drottz, Allen Montgomery and David Watkins.


By lap 7 Martin was putting some distance on Patterson and West. Drottz and Montgomery battled door to door for fifth, with Montgomery getting the spot on lap 8. West tried to get past Patterson as they ran through traffic, but just as West got along side he was hung up by a lap car and frell back. Montgomery and Drottz both got past Bartlett on lap 11, leaving him to fight with Watkins for sixth.


At the crossed flags it was Martin with a good lead, Patterson and West, with a 1/2 track back to Montgomery and Drottz. Kent and Brad Gambrell spun to the infield but kept on trucking on lap 20. Patterson and West had started to reel in Martin, but West again got hooked by lap traffic and lost ground to Patterson.


With five to go, Martin was getting away from Patterson who was getting caught by West. Patterson and West were side by side on lap 26 as Patterson began to fade. Patterson would pull off on lap 27, leaving West nearly a full straightaway behind Martin. With Martin holding a comfortable lead, West had a similar edge over the rest of the field. As the checkers waved it was Martin who started the year in the winners circle during the Icebreaker, ending the Abilene Speedway season in the same place driving the Mean Gene Racing/Zone Bar & Grill/Mean Gene Chassis powered by a JR Motorsports powerplant.


IMCA Hobby Stocks


1 23 Paul Martin

2 9 Jerry West

3 38 Allen Montgomery

4 22 Todd Bartlett

5 04 Chris Ater

6 187 Matt Drottz

7 690 Richard Collins

8 18 Steven Yuen

9 15 Tim Kent

10 08 Marty Baker

11 60 Brad Gambrell

12 199 Jason Bell

13 171 Joey Patterson

14 4 Kelly Brown

15 28 David Watkins

16 86 Everett Keel

17 99 Larry Abels

18 47 Clarence Hobbs

19 44 Bobby Gilmore

20 13 Russell Carter

21 Joshua Hewitt


Martin Claimed by Drottz


Williams Wins Battle, Sodek Scores Championship


Twenty Jr Mini Stocks took the green for the Texas State Jr. Mini Stock Championship, with Kelly Williams and Nathan Sodek on the front row. K.Williams got the lead as green waved, but caution waved for a spin by Micky Cook. Once back under green, K. Williams and Sodek quickly caught the end of the field on lap 4. K. Williams was able to get through better coming out with a good lead.


The red was out on lap 10 when Hayden Lusk clipped the infield tire and rolled over onto his roof. Lusk was alright, and was awarded a decal set by Danz Designs for a rollover award. Once back under way the race reached halfway with K. Williams, Sodek, Dean Abby, Colton Monroe and Zac Mason in the top five.


K. Williams, who had a good lead erased, regained it when Sodek was unable to get by lap car in the mix on the restart. Khrisopher Halcomb and Tyler Newberry brought out a yellow after they tangled in turn 2. With the top four together, K. Williams took advantage of Sodek getting high to pull out a good lead again. Abbey got by Sodek for second with five to go.


Alex Bannowsky brought out the final yellow when he looped his ride in turn 4. K. Williams was able to hold on when green waved again and would go on to get the win in his Auto Tech/Leroy Nagy Roofing/Lee Insulation/Race Art Graffix/Ford Pinto.


With his win the previous night and third in Sunday's main, Nathan Sodek earned the title of Texas State Jr. Mini Stock Champion in the Minor Militia car sponsored by Graphics by White/Donuts Designs/Sliderracing.com/The Car Shop/Quality Tile/Mikes Muffler/ATC Transmissions.


Jr Mini Stocks

1 82 Kelly Williams

2 37 Dean Abbey

3 60 Nathan Sodek

4 27 Mark Bullock

5 17 Zac Mason

6 24 Kyle Hunt

7 30 Tyler Newberry

8 77 Khristopher Halcomb

9 821 Shelby Williams

10 07 Stephen Robison

11 49 Brandon Gage

12 712 Colton Monroe

13 7 Justin Long

14 43 Micky Cook

15 69 Jeff Kinniard

16 113 Alex Bannowsky

17 13 Kathryne Minter

18 55 Jusatin Shaw

19 01 Hayden Lusk

20 5 Cody Hodges

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