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Somebody on here last week was talking about Ford Tranny's and the problem with them shifting. I've got a 1994 ford F-150 with a 4 speed auto and a 302. It shifts harder than heck between 1st and second and then it seems to wait too long to downshift from OD to drive when I'm drivin around town. In that other topic someone that knew about these transmissions talked about these symptoms and what to do but I can't find it. HELP

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I think you saw this reply from RATDADDY:


You have the 4R70W transmission in your truck. The most common 1-2 shift problem that you described is the 1-2 shift acumulater spring breaks and creates this very same problem. The CCPD cars have the same trans and we see this on a regular basis. You can come by the shop next time you are in town or call me here at the shop 855-4637.


Wether you want use to look at it or someone else I recommend you do it ASAP because if it is not dealt with soon it WILL cause other damage.


Thanks & have a good day



Don Yocum

Corpus Christi Tx.

It was in the "greasemonkey" forum..

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My truck shifts hard between every gear so its not just that. I think it has to do with the computer. Good thing I'm not in a Chevy. I would be walking. Ford - 150,000 miles and it still runs... They last a while. Right Kathy?

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Well you didn't pull your car to SAS on sat. Scared of the high banks? :lol:

That is too funny there jason...I took my pure stock there last year and started dead last and was blacked flag at lap 25 in the 13 position going for 11th and was removed for smoke and still out ran most of SAS Sportsman and your CC boys.. and that is with what you drove at THR a grande stock...You know if my foreign made impact gun would not have broke then I would have been there.

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Guest The_Greek
You got it Jason.


92 Ford Tauras 244 thousand miles.


Houston 2 weeks ago.


San Antonio last weekend and next.


Kyle every weekend March thur Sept.



Kathy, i also bought a 92 Ford Taurus SHO, drove it for about a year and then sold it to my brother, 10 years later it has 301,000 miles and still running strong, meanwhile ive been through 2 or 3 cars since. :blink:

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