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TAMS @ Oktober'Fast' 10/9/04

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Cole Cashes In, Twice

Coming into the final TAMS race, Joey Heinaman held a slim 13 point lead over Bruce Beddoe and 38 over defending champion, Jerry Schild. Five points were available for fast qualifier as time trials started. Beddoe looked like he was going cut into Heinaman’s lead for a while, but Chris Swenson went out late and put up the best time in his Gain Racing/A+ Cash/Synergyn/B&A Automotive/Spreen Racing Engines/Swenson Race Chassis. Swenson would draw a four for the invert putting Schild and James Cole on the front row.


Schild got a good jump as the green waved, so good in fact, the yellow was thrown to bring about a restart. Coming to yellow, John Witzsche spun on the front stretch, while Gary Junco slid into the infield guard rail. On the second try, Schild got sideways in turn 4 and as the field accordianed several other spun and made contact. The third time was a single file start, with Schild leading the field.


Heinaman and Matt Brune were side by side for fifth on lap 3, with Heinaman holding the spot. Cole got along side Schild for the lead on lap 4, but was unable to complete the pass. By lap 5, the top four had broken away from the rest of the field. Schild increased his lead over Cole, Beddoe and Swenson on lap 10, with Heinaman closing on the pack.


As the four caught traffic, it was three wide for lead going into turn 1, but Schild came back out on top as they sorted through. A blown motor on lap 15 brought out the yellow, during which time Swenson pitted from third. Schild got a four car edge on the restart as the top five separated out and pulled ahead of Brune and Matthew Gardener.


Lawrence Mikulencak had trouble on lap 17 and slowed in turn four, brushing the wall to slow the action again. On the restart Beddoe was pressuring Cole for the second spot as the top three ran nose to tail. Cole held off Beddoe and was looking inside Schild for the lead as the race neared halfway. At the crossed flags it was Schild, Cole, Beddoe, Heinaman and Billy Becka in the top five.


Beddoe was able to grab second from Cole on lap 27 and was closing on Schild, who was beginning to show a little smoke. Richard Garcia spun on lap 31 to bring out a yellow and rebunch the field. Schild got a small advantage on green, but Beddoe quickly reeled him back in. Beddoe was trying the low side on Schild of Schild on lap 34, while at the same time holding off Cole on the high side.


Beddoe would fall back in line and try the move again on lap 37. The top five were running bumper to bumper on lap 40, until Cole got wheel to wheel with Beddoe on lap 41. Beddoe began to slow allowing Cole, Heinaman, Becka and Brune to get by. Beddoe saw his chances at a championship end when he pulled off a few laps later.


Up front the battle for win was shaping up, with Cole going low through turns 1-2. Cole got beside Schild on lap 44 and was able to take the point on lap 45. Brune got by Heinaman for fourth on lap 47. With two to go Cole was inching away from Schild who was trying to hold off Becka.


Becka gave in it the ol’ college try in turns 1-2, but got sideways and lost ground to Schild. At the checkers it was Cole in the Diversified Truck and Trailer/Precision Collision/Wagon Wheel Liquors/Mission Racing Engines/Swenson Race Chassis, with special thanks to Larry Smith, taking the win.


Texas Asphalt Modified Series



1. 14 James Cole, San Antonio, 50 Laps

2. 5 Jerry Schild, Katy, 50

3. 29 Billy Becka, San Antonio, 50

4. 75 Matt Brune, Giddings, 50

5. 71 Joey Heinaman, Robstown, 50

6. 20 Matt Gardner, Corpus Christi, 50

7. 11 Mike Jackson, Lakeside, CA., 50

8. 91 Steve Grantz, Aransas Pass, 50

9. 22 John Paul Kliewer, Boerne, 50

10. 36 Roger Williams, Waller, 50

11. 0 Richard Garcia, Grand Prairie, 50

12. 81 David Machen, Austin, 50

13. 18 Bruce Beddoe, Robstown, 47

14. 55 Joe Shaffer, Mountain City, 33

15. 7 Robert Slezinsky, Beeville, 28

16. 48 Chris Swenson, Comfort, 24

17. 38 Lawernce Mikulencak, Corpus Christi, 17

18. 6 Jimbo Myers, Corpus Christi, 13

19. 49 William Pratte, Pflugerville, 8

20. 4 Newton Barta, Jr., Lytle, 0

21. 65 Gary Junco, Katy, 0

22. 97 John Witzsche, Corpus Christi, 0


Lap Leaders

5 led 1 - 44

14 led 45 - 50


With his fifth place finish, Beddoe’s DNF and Schild’s second, Heinaman locked up the TAMS season point Championship in his Bartell Motorsports/Bill Myers Auto Repair/Absolute Carpet Cleaning/Commercial Coachworks/JAKO Racing Graphics/Hog Chassis.



In the Dynamite Buildings, All-Star Shootout for past TAMS winners, fast qualifiers, and past champions, only 5 cars were able to make the call for the 10 lap $500 to win race. Brune and Cole led the field to green with the duo staying wheel to wheel in turns 1-2. Cole got the advantage down the back stretch. Schild, Swenson and Beddoe battled for third, with Beddoe getting by Swenson for the position.


Cole was driving away at the midpoint followed by Brune, Schild, Beddoe and Swenson. Brune began to close on Cole, but Cole pulled back ahead, as Schild got past Brune for second. Coming to the white flag, Brune, Beddoe and Swenson were for the final paying position. Contact was made sending Beddoe into the front the wall. Beddoe climbed the wall and got up on two wheels but came back down on all fours. As the checkers waved it was Cole pocketing his second win of the night.


1 14 James Cole

2 5 Jerry Schild

3 75 Matt Brune

4 Bruce Beddoe

5 48 Chris Swenson

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