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SAS results


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Allison Legecy's #16 won.


The Roadrunner class had to be the best race of the night with David Hassinger driving one Hello of a race to win.


He was leading for most of the race when with 9 laps to go had a flat. Giving up the lead to Gary Chancellor and pitting. He got his new tire and came back out and drove the wheels of the cars taking the high linegoing into 3 and coming out of turn 4 to pass #67 and #4 of Gary to take the win. The crowd was on their feet.


In the Modifieds it was #14 James Cole with the win.


And In the Late Model race it was #79 Joe Aramendia. Sorry I lied before. My daughter told me wrong. I was tired, and I had already left at the start of the last race.


Pretty good racing tonight.


Hope all that made since.

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