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here in c.c. have been hearing that sa is going to be sold to toyota across the street for parking . has anyone in sa herd that ? if it is sold i hope they keep the track open. here in c.c. for years it was HEB who was getting our track to tear it down. hope its not true.




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I posted this last month sometime:


Rumors.. doncha just love em? Let's see if we can clean this particular rumor up a bit.


The property that Alamo Dragway and the quarter-mile dirt track (the former Texas Dirt Speedway) occupy is indeed being sold. That property is entirely distinct from the corner lot that SAS sits on.


According to my sources, the person who is buying the Alamo Draway/Texas Dirt Speedway property is purchasing it as an investment and has no intention of running drag races or dirt track races. He's betting that at some point in the future that property will appreciate as more and more Toyota-related development takes place over time. It would not surprise me one bit if he elects to bulldoze whats left of Alamo and TDS to make the property more attractive to potential developers.


On the other hand, the SAS property is producing income for the people who own the land that SAS leases. The person who leases the property to SAS is a very nice lady who would like very much for SAS to continue leasing the property since she also earns a percentage of the front gate as a part of the lease deal.


A little history of the SAS property might be appropriate here. At one time, there were several small working oil wells on the property that have never been cleaned up. If you look around you can see the remains of pipes, storage tanks, etc. You can also find several spots where the oil wells once were since almost nothing grows there. Quite frankly, anyone who bought that property would have an evironmental nightmare on their hands. About the only thing that land is good for right now is a race track.


However, they may come a day when the value of that property to some developer would outweigh the cost of cleaning up all those years of hydrocarbons. That day doesn't seem to be in the immediate future, however.


I have discussed this very subject with Mike Sepich over the past year and as recently as yesterday. At this point SAS is making plans for next season and beyond.


Nick Holt

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