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If I understand things RGS is inviting all cars to try their track as invited guests as they run at STS meaning there will be no DQs for a STS legal car.I believe this is for all classes.Several SC cars are intrested in trying a different track like the big cars and open wheel cars get to do.Were finally SOMEBODY. :lol: I dont know what the street pure rules are now but I think the bodied cars will run together.Limiteds have a special purse and same rules.It would be great to give the new owner a show of support as he is intrested in having RGS and STS work together with common rules.I dont speak for them or for STS,I just am nosy.This track is similar enough to STS that gearing is no problem.Driving is different,little slower but needing great car control.Overdriving is easily done but with no back straight wall its forgiving.I like their band too,there from Harlingen too.


Lets hope this new alignment works out.Both tracks benifit.


If my info is incorrect,please correct it.

well if there goin to run street stocks and pure stocks together are they going to score different bc if not thats not fair to purestock guys bc street stock can run weight jacks bigger motor g60s and alot more stuf pure stocks cant im thinking bout coming but not if there running these classes together that just aint fair

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Im thinking this is not about who has what but rather an attempt for the new owner to see if theres enough intrest in this track to invest in its future.Mr Ogden is not a racer but does know how to run a business.I think their big cars are between the STS 2 classes so this is an attempt to see where the rules can best be aligned.


The sport compacts want to show our support and are working to have a showing.Without the V8 cars and modifieds theres not much to work with.A trip to the valley cant be all that difficult,Ive been going the other way for 17 years.Why not help these guys by talking to them and work out a showing from our big brothers.The option may not be there later.


It is my understanding that Bradley and Ogden Promotions became a company in Florida on August 27, 2012 this year, what tracks are they familiar with Do they have plans to branch out and manage other race tracks? Are the promoting other tracks? There are a few tracks that might be able to use their ideas.

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