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Rio Grande Speedway Rule Change Update

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After much research and speaking to numerous people in the area, I have decided to open up RGS Thunder class to include FWD 4cyl as well. I will also be looking into trying to align RGS rules to be in line with other local tracks to get more cars on the track, including STS and I-37 Raceway!!!


The new change takes effect immediately and will stay in effect until the end of the year at which time management will review the effects of the change to see if any further modifications need to be done.


I would like to thank everyone for there input and know that this decision was not made to hurt any drivers, only to help the track. Without more cars this track will not survive....PERIOD.


With that said, SPREAD THE WORD!!!! RGS is racing Sept. 29th with FWD 4cyl allowed as well.


Live music and Fireworks 9/29 for all to enjoy...


We'll see you at the track!!!!!!!


PS: RGS would like to invite all you racers from the south (Street Stock, Pure Stock, Bombers, etc) to come join us on the 29th of September!!! We'll find a place for you!!!We have several sponsors upping the purse in ALL classes for the 29th!!! The more cars, the higher the purse!!!! Purse totals to be announced at drivers meeting prior to the race!!! We also have 2 $1000 contingency prizes for 3rd place Thunder and 4th place Stock!!!!



Out of area drivers receive pit pass for free!!!


For questions please call Michael @ 772-678-2569 or 877-653-3653 x 701



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Congrats to RGS for a new beginning and outlook.Adding FWD car makes sense if you look at whats available to make a thunder car.Hopefully the thunder car count can get back to 20+ again.Its real "stock car" racing like racing was in the 50s and 60s when race cars reflected the cars we drive everyday.


Please correct me if Im wrong but did RGS do away with transponders?That was a major problem for some visitors whose home track did not use them.Im thinking an out of town racer gets in for the $30.00 car entry,free driver pit pass, $25.00 additional pit passes,$10.00 grandstand and no transponder rental fee.Im just asking.


If that is correct,where do I fall.I am a dedicated STS racer but live in the valley.Do I still get a free pit pass? :rolleyes:


Heres wishing you great success and hope the future brings a new wave of cooperation and friendliness between fellow racers and race directors.


NO TRANSPONDERS AT THIS TIME!!!! This is the breakdown:


Out of Towners:

Race Car Entry $30

Free Pit pass Driver

All Others $25 Pit Pass

$10 Spec Gate Entry

BYOB - Alcohol Only - No Bottles

No Transponders at this time

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