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Southern Topless Economy Modified results 6/16/12

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Racing results from Superbowl Speedway 6-16-2012



Roy Miller Auto Salvage Heat races


First Heat race:


1. Rickey Brewer, Wills Point, Tx

2 .Don Tomlinson, Sherman, Tx

3. Mark Mohon, Sulphur Springs, Tx

4. Gil Faber, Bells, Tx

5. Glenn Farmer, Tioga, Tx

6. Ryan Edmonds, Princeton, Tx

7. Wade Mitchell, Princeton, Tx

8. Mike Greer, Celeste, Tx

9. Keith Wilkerson, Merrit, Tx


Second Heat race:


1. Kelly Welborn, Princeton, Tx

2. Eddie Doggett, Sherman, Tx

3. Robbie Daniels, Princeton, Tx

4. Ricky Hayes, Bells, Tx

5. Roy Petty, Princeton, Tx

6. Danny English, Melissa, Tx

7. Zach Crawford, Princeton, Tx

8. Marc Madison, Tioga, Tx

9. Jerry McCarrol. Sadler, Tx



Troy Bass Roofing Feature race;


1. Mark Mohon, Sulphur Springs, Tx

2. Robbie Daniels, Princeton, Tx

3. Kelly Welborn, Princeton, Tx

4. Danny English, Melissa, Tx

5. Marc Madison, Tioga, Tx

6. Rickey Brewer, Wills Point, Tx

7. Eddie Doggett, Sherman, Tx

8. Roy Petty, Princeton, Tx

9. Glenn Farmer, Tioga, Tx

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