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IHRA Summit Super Series @ San Antonio Raceway, 6/16/12

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IHRA Summit Super Series @ San Antonio Raceway, 6/16/12

By J M Hallas


Marion, Tx.,(June 16th, 2012) San Antonio Raceway played host to another round of IHRA Summit Super Series racing Saturday night. Drivers competed on the ¼ mile in the Electronics, Quick 16, Footbrake and Jr. Dragster classes, as well as River City Index competition.


Track temperatures were a blazing 130* as the first round of Jr. Dragster time trials hit the track. By round 2 of time trials a cloud had covered the area cooling the track to 110*. As darkness crept in on the track for the opening round of eliminations, the track was at an ideal 100*.


In “Dialing for Dollars” this week’s pot winner came out of the Footbrake class with John Ahlstrom’s Mustang coming the closest to his dial-in running a 10.191 on a 10.19(.001). Sonny Garza in his Firebird, running the Electronics class, came within .002 on his run, but still a bit short of Ahlstrom’s number.



Floresville’s David Johns made it back to back Summit Super Series wins taking the Electronics victory over Darrell Hendricks(Luling). Johns, who used a better reaction time and performance advantage, ran down Hendricks’ Chevy Beretta despite giving up nearly two seconds on the tree.




David Johns, 7.297 @ 176.61 defeats Darrell Hendricks, 9.151 @ 141.42


Johns, in his Johns Automotive, Wayne’s Paint & Body, Chevy powered Worthy Chassis got a round 1 red light win, then dropped out of “Quick 16” in round 2 losing to David Burns. From there he used a .009 light to beat co-points leader, Carlos Carrasco sr., got a red light gift from World Champion, Scott Ball, a bye in round 5 and got through the semi finals when co-points leader, Michael Keylich red lit.


Hendricks took a win in round 1 after M. Hernandez went red, then two near perfect runs in round 2 and 3 took out Kip Scharf and M. Crisp who both broke out anyway. Hendricks caught a break, literally, in a double break out round 4 run against G. Mullen, plus a red light win over Preston Pennington, then used a .005 light to get past “Quick 16” winner Todd Robinson in the semi’s.


Quick 16

Robinson(Corpus Christi) grabbed the honors for “Quick 16” putting his 2008 Undercover Dragster in the Winners Circle after defeating Austin Cowan’s 2004 Worthy Chassis in a double break out. Robinson was the least offender missing his dial in by .0003 while Cowan out ran his by .0028.




Todd Robinson, 7.479 @ 176.61 defeats Austin Cowan, 7.407 @ 178.22


On his way to the finals Robinson took out Todd Zampese, Brent Ritter and Mike Pearson(break out). Cowan eliminated Greg Mueth, David Bills and Mike Burns, who all broke out.



Seguin’s Cole Herbold fought it out with Aaron Tschoepe(San Antonio) in the finals for Footbrake. Herbold spotted Tschoepe’s 81 Chevy Malibu over three seconds but was able to driver around Tschoepe on the top end in his Herbold Brothers Drilling, ’27 Roadster.




Cole Herbold, 9.459 @ 130.47 defeats Aaron Tschoepe, 12.923 @ 103.76


Herbold worked his way to the finals getting a break out, red light and bye win before beating Jimmy Inman on a hole shot in round 4, getting a double break out pass over point’s leader Josh Gaspard and semi bye.


In round 1 Tschoepe broke out and used the ‘buy back’ to get back in for a round 2 win over Albert Lee jr., then took out Mike Buehler. L. Johns was next to fall to Tschoepe in round 4, with a bye to the semi’s where he got a gift from Ryan McDonnell, who broke out by .001.


10.00 index

With only two cars in the 10.00 index class it was a winner-take-all round 1 pitting Alvin Baldwin(Selma) against points leader, Jason Lejeski. Baldwin, in his Chevy Nova, got the jump on Lejeski’s Mustang, then ran a near perfect 10.003 to get the victory over Lejeski who broke out.


Alvin Baldwin, 10.003 @ 132.31 defeats Jason Lejeski, 9.989 @ 129.20


Jr. Dragster

Young Chris Pearson(San Antonio) outlasted his father on the track, but gave him an early Fathers Day gift by taking top honors over Juan Valdez in the Jr. Dragster finals. With identical dial-ins, Pearson got a slight edge on Valdez off the line, Valdez drove around, but went too quick and broke out giving Pearson the victory, who closed the points gap on co-leaders, Valdez and Ashley Hubbell.



Chris Pearson, 7.927 @ 79.76 defeats Juan Valdez, 7.888 @ 81.65


Pearson utilized the ‘buy back’ after going red in round 1, then got by Cade Mueth who red lit, had a bye in round 3 before getting win over the red light of Matthew Villarreal.


Valdez also went red in round 1 and bought back in to take the win in round 2 over Mia Carrola. Valdez then took out point’s rival, and defending track champ Hubbell, before getting a bye in his semi final pass.


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