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$5,000 Challenge for ASCS 305’s in New Mexico


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$5,000 Challenge for ASCS 305’s in New Mexico


Bryan Hulbert - Tulsa, Oklahoma (June 13, 2012) The ASCS 305 national

schedule has added an addition race in New Mexico, heading to Cardinal

Motor Speedway in Eunice, New Mexico on Friday June 29th before

running at White Sands Speedway in Tularosa, New Mexico on June 30th.


Events at Cardinal Motor Speedway will feature a $1,250 to win feature

event with a challenge for the drivers that qualify for the night’s

redraw. Spearheaded by Jars Inc., an Oilfield Equipment company in

Hobbs, New Mexico, each driver in the first four rows could

potentially have a chance at a cash bonus.


If a driver in the first row is willing to forfeit their starting

position and drop to the end of the line-up, that driver will get a

$5,000 bonus if they can come back and win the night’s feature event.

If no one in the front row accepts the challenge, the amount goes to

$4,000 for anyone in the second row, $3,000 for anyone in the third

row, and finally $2,000 for anyone in the fourth row.


Events at White Sands Speedway will feature a slightly increased

payout at $1,500 to win for the night’s feature event.




ASCS 305


When and Where:


June 29th - Cardinal Motor Speedway - Eunice, NM - ¼ mile, high-banked clay oval


Times: Gates Open @ 4:30p, / Racing @ 8pm


Directions (according to NSD): 1.7 miles north of SR 8 in town on SR

207 (Main St.) WSR.


Website: www.cardinalspeedway.com


Phone: 575-441-1941




June 30th - White Sands Speedway - Tularosa, NM - 3/8 miles, semi-banked oval


Times - Gates Open @ 6pm / Racing @ 7:45pm


Directions: 4.2 miles north of US 70 on US 54, then west.


Website: www.whitesandsspeedway.com


Phone: 575-439-6421


The 2012 season marks the 21st year of sanctioning Sprint Car racing

for the American Sprint Car Series, which brings the best of Sprint

Car racing to dozens of different tracks throughout the nation and

into Canada. Anchored by the Lucas Oil Sprint Car Series, ASCS also

consists of ten different Regions throughout the nation.


Additional information regarding the American Sprint Car Series is

available at www.ascsracing.com

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