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IHRA Summit Super Series @ San Antonio Raceway, 6/2/12

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IHRA Summit Super Series @ San Antonio Raceway, 6/2/12

By J M Hallas


Marion, Tx.,(June, 2nd, 2012) San Antonio Raceway action continued after the big Memorial Day Weekend, IHRA Sportsman Spectacular. This Saturday brought another round of the IHRA Summit Super Series battles on the ¼ mile drag strip, just east of San Antonio. Drivers competed in the Electronics, Foot Brake, Index, Quick 16 and Jr. Dragster classes.


As evening time trials began, track temperatures hovered around 125 as the Jr. Dragsters hit the track for their first practice runs. By race time conditions had improved with the track cooling to 97 as first round eliminations began.


In the “Dialing for Dollars” contest, drivers anted up with the object running closest to their dial number in a one round, winner-take-all, showdown. The final car to attempt a pass was Brett Zampese, who dialed in at a 7.80. B. Zampese tripped the beams a 7.803 to pick up the cash bonus coming within 3/1000th of his number.



The finals saw David Johns square off against Cassie Pennington for Electronics honors. Johns cut a .012 light then ran a near perfect 7.304 on a 7.30 dial in to out run C. Pennington. C. Pennington was better on the dial in(by .001) going 7.453 on a 7.45, but gave away a mere .05 on the light(.017)

David Johns, 7.304 @ 183.52 defeats Cassie Pennington, 7.453 @ 178.36


Johns used consistent number as he worked his way through the bracket. Johns took out B. Miller on a round 1 hole shot, then Brett Zampese and David Bills before getting a win over Chris Keylich who broke out. Johns got the bye before making the finals.


C. Pennington got break after break on her way to finals match up. In round 1 against Leroy O’Bryant broke out, then C. Pennington had a bye run before a win over Mike Lopez who left before third amber(LB3A). C. Pennington then got red light wins over Brett Zampese and David Bills(LB3A)


**Note; Electronics and Quick 16 were run together making it possible to lose in one group, but still be alive in the other. A bit confusing, but it keeps guys from having to run back to back eliminations.


Quick 16

David Johns was almost a double winner for the night, but lost to former track manager, Todd Zampese in the Quick 16 final round. Reaction times were almost dead even, but T. Zampese turned a 7.776 on a 7.77 dial to beat Johns to the line who gave up a tenth on his dial in.

Todd Zampese, 7.776 @ 164.53 defeats David Johns, 7.306 @ 183.45



Allen Wilkins caught the break of the night against Albert Lee jr. in the Footbrake finals. Wilkins Camaro sputtered off the line and continued to miss while Lee, who gave up a second to Wilkins on the tree, left too soon giving the win to Wilkins at about 60 foot.

Allen Wilkins, 12.132 @ 111.44 defeats Albert Lee jr., 10.818 @ 94.48


After losing on a red break out in round 1, Wilkins utilized the buy back and got a wins in round 2 and 3 over M. Levrie and Silvia Zemgals who both went red. Wilkins took an easy bye win in round 4, then beat Ryan McDonnell to get to the finals.


Lee faced off with Dave Patton in both rounds 1 and 2 getting the win on a Patton red, then beating him after Patton fell asleep at the light. Lee then got by point’s leader Josh Gaspard, who went red in round 3, defending champ Cole Herbold and A. Tschoepe on a hole shot


Jr. Dragster

The Jr. Dragster final round pitted Dylan Wells with Kristen Velasquez, in a close race. Both chose a 7.90 dial in, with Wells getting a .02 advantage as the light when green. Velasquez tried to drive around Wells but only picked a tenth at the top end.

Dylan Wells, 7.920 @ 80.06 defeats Kristen Velasquez, 7.910 @ 81.26


Wells, who had to buy back after a round red light, got a break in round 2 with a double red light win over R. Garceau. Running track champ Ashley Hubbell in round 3, both broke out with Wells being least. Cody Garceau gave Wells another gift in round 4 when he went red.


Velasquez was also a buy back victim after going too quick in round 1. Round 2 saw her get a hole shot win over Kenneth Hillin to advance to round 3 where she got the win after Juan Valdez broke out. Velasquez then outran Matthew Villareal in round 4 to make it to the finals


11.00 Index

Walter Dyrenfurth was the only car entered in the eleven second index class getting a bye run for the trophy. Good thing for Dyrenfurth that it was a single as he broke out at the big end.

Walter Dyrenfurth, 10.818 @ 122.85, Bye run


10.00 Index

The ten second index final saw Alvin Baldwin in his Chevy Nova paired with the Corvette of Dave Patton. Baldwin got a .004 edge on the light then added to his lead as the duo tripped the traps with Baldwin ahead.

Alvin Baldwin, 10.094 @ 129.65 defeats Dave Patton, 10.114 @ 128.39


Points leader, Jason Lejeski went red by .0002(2/10,000th) in round 1, against Baldwin. Lejeski bought back, then proceeded to leave too soon again against Patton in round 2


+++I'm working on downloading pictures now......

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