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Just curious,I read your thunder car rules on facebook and failed to see the rear wheel drive only rule.Was that a misprint or did you decide to allow front drive cars afterall?I find it curious most Texas tracks are front drive minies only and McAllen allows only rear drive cars.Im wondering which choice benifits with a better car count.


I would have thought the best choice would be where the most cars could be drawn from.I would like to see a huge car count at all tracks for ministocks,frontrunners,eco-stocks thunder cars etc so there can be a big end of year race at some track and draw from all the tracks like my track did at the Shootout last December.


Please clarify,some people are asking me but I dont know.Thanks.


just browsing through and from what I have heard,seen, and witness on this site. This track is not too worried about car count or getting out of town racers to join the fun. Pure shame Because I know of a few that would like to. Maybe it will change. Just an opinion from one barely involved.

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when talking about the car count and out of town drivers, WE would love to have a bigger car count. and as for out of town car/driver THEY GET IN FREE! So hopefully now that the schedule is posted here we can get more "out of town" drivers.


As for the Front wheel drive, if you can get enough cars you can have your own class.

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