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TMS and improved safety systems

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Contact: Sarona Winfrey

Brian Briscoe


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FORT WORTH-DALLAS (August 3, 2004) - Texas Motor Speedway officials today

voiced support as NASCAR considers ways to alert drivers of a caution more

quickly in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series. Dashboard caution lights and direct

contact with drivers from race control are two ideas being studied.

"NASCAR is to be applauded as they work to make the sport safer," said Eddie

Gossage, president of Texas Motor Speedway. "In the last few years, the NASCAR

Research and Development Center has improved the safety aspects of the cars and

most of the tracks have installed the SAFER barrier 'soft wall' system. We

think the addition of direct radio contact from race control or dashboard

caution lights are outstanding ideas."

Texas Motor Speedway has been at the forefront of caution light safety,

developing and installing caution lights embedded in the speedway surface in

2003. The system, called WES (Warning Emergency System) lights, places bright

LED lights in the asphalt directly in the field of vision for drivers.

"We believe the WES lights and an improved alert system from NASCAR will blend

to instantly warn drivers of potential danger on the race course, allowing them

to slow down to avoid accidents," said Gossage. "All of us in the sport are

constantly working to improve safety. The potential methods currently under

consideration by NASCAR make great sense. I'm sure they are working to iron out

all the wrinkles and we support NASCAR's never-ending effort for better safety."

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