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Predict the Winners 7/31/2004


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Top Three of each THR class


Late Model


Leland Wadell

James Reeder

Robert Stewart


Street Stock


Jim Teague ( 2 in a row possibly)

Bobby Teer Jr.

Duayne Toyne


Hobby Stock


Gary Chancellor

Jay Simon

Wes Ahl


Grand Stock


Crazy Cooter



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Brother, I second what Hobby74 says! Thanks TTR73 for the acknowledgement. I would like to see a win myself but it's one of those things - everythings got to go your way and fall just right for maybe that first win. Being prepared is critical and I think Richard Petty once said he didn't always have the best or fastest car on many of his wins, but it's putting yourself in contention and being in the right spot at the right time is what counts. (Although a fast car does help).

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Everybody that straps in tonite at ThunderHill is a Winner-as The Legendary Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant told me in 1974 on a recruiting trip to the University of Alabama-(Son,If you believe in Yourself and have Dedication and Pride-You'll be a Winner-the Price of Victory is High but so are the Rewards)-so as I see it, there will be no losers tonite-just all Winners

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