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Today is July 22nd


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Hey gang..

The official news release comes out later, but since the cat is already out of the bag..


We're going to have a race on Oct. 2nd at THR. It will be A-Line Auto Parts Night at the Races (we have another possible title sponsor as well, we'll let you know when that's confirmed)..


Since A-Line Auto Parts is the title sponsor for the Street Stocks at THR, I imagine most of you figured the "highlighted" class in the Oct. 2nd race will be -- any and all Street Stocks that want to run. Jack and Brian are still working on the rules (so Street Stocks from all over can run) and Brian and I are still working on the purse--but we'll make it worth your while!


We'll also have a Hobby Stock race..and an 200-lap Enduro race that starts at 4 p.m. We'll have another Celebrity Race for the Grand Stocks and I'm working on another 1 or 2 "classes" if you will..


More in the "official" news release later tonight.. :D


p.s.--I'm proud to say we had FIVE (5) News outlets attend our press conference. Three Austin TV stations--News8Austin, KVUE (Ch. 24) and KEYE-TV (Ch. 42), plus the San Marcos Daily Record and the Kyle Free Press newspapers. As TQ Jones himself put it, "That's the best attendance (of media) ever at THR." If you live in Austin, keep an eye on those channels at 5, 6 & 10 p.m. tonight..


I just got a phone call from News8Austin. Starting in a couple hours, they're going to run a package from today at the 21-after mark of each hour.

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A press conference at 3:00 on a Thursday thats a good time to have one.

Last time I checked most people work during the day,maybe they didn't

want many people there.


Being a former TV reporter myself...I knew the best time for a press conference for the media would be 3 p.m. The "night shift" in TV clocks in at 2 p.m., and a 3 p.m. presser down here gives them time to check in at their respective stations; line up things for the 5 & 6 p.m. news; get a cameraman and make the 15-20 minute trip down to the track.


As you pointed out, most folks are working at 3 p.m...but as you can see, it's a great time to get the media out.

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When do the Late Models Race???????

Both of the big after season races @THR , and no late models in either race?

Chuck L. do I have this wrong?

I do not want to start something if I am just miss reading something.

What Class will run the ENDURO?????

latemodels????? Romco????? lol



Victory Lane

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When do the Late Models Race???????

Victory Lane..

If you recall, TSRS is running in the Space City 125 in Houston that weekend..As a courtesy to TSRS we are not going to run Late Models on Oct. 2nd..


Hope that helps..

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Lets see what the rules are and what the pay out is going to be.

Don't count me out yet, I race for the love of it, points are not what i live for.

We'll play it by ear and see, the rules are going to be the big factor.

In fact I'd love to hear from the THR Street Stocks and the SAS Sportsman on how we can even the three classes for a big event.

I've heard rumor of CCMS doing something like this in November for our classes.



Steve Grantz #91

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Why would you need a camera man at a press realease?

I still haven"t heard anything more than just a regular post

on this website.

What class of cars are going to run?The SS and Hobby Stock,

that will fill the stands.

Good luck in the future THR if you all are going to phase out the LM

cars your doing a great job.

TQ as far as the press goes,for the Austin area,it would have

gone off alot better if you have alot of people around.more people

talking about it the better.WE ALL KNOW THE AUSTIN PRESS WILL






This is the news we were waiting for?What a block buster deal.

I can't wait for the races to start,and I'm sure we'll hear alot

from the press on that big press conference that took place out

at the track in Kyle Thunderhill Raceway.

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everyone whined and bitched(including me)for a race like this....

now everyone is whining and bitching?????

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Maybe you need to go back and read what Chuck wrote. I think he said he would have more out later. And they where still working on other classes. I could be wrong since I am old and don't remember everything, so I will go back and read it too.


I think more will come out if you give him time.

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Here is my problem.....

Why Oct 2nd.???????

The big space city 125 has been on the books for a while..


If THR has a race on OCt 2nd they know that they will not be able to have a Late Model race, due to the race that has been set for a year in houston.

The race at THR Sept 25th does not have any late models in it either????


Shawn. I think that having a Big street stock hobby & even the Grand class is great, but what about the

late models???

Why did THR pick a date that would compete with a scheaduled race??????

Were there no other dates open in oct????


That is my problem with this announcement......

The Thunderhill latemodels get the shaft once again.

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If you are going to call a PRESS CONFERENCE maybe you should have worked on that to start with.I have alot of friends that run SS and Hobby,believe it or not I do have friends,and I will be there to help whoever asks.But for all the hype I feel like Shaq waiting to see what

CRYBABY Coby is wanting to do.

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Somebody always has to find something to bitch about...everything is not always about you! Maybe, just maybe, the object is to feature the Hobby and SS and let them have the stage and the glory for themselves for a change...


You didn't have anything before this announcement and nothing was promised to you or owed to you.


Good lord, join the Army and go to Iraq. At least you would have a reason to bitch.


And it's KOBE for crying out loud!!!

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How many years where the Late Models included in the Spectacular?


How many years have the Street Stock and Hobby not been included in the Spectacular?


Maybe if more Late Models came to race on a regular basis then they might have been included this time.


Not trying to bash anyone, so please don't take it that way.


Also, remember that San Antonio has a 2 weekend event in Oct. and like you said TSRS is racing at the Space City 125, so this may have had something to with the date.

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I think its great they are having a big race for the lower classes. Think about it there is more car count in those classes then the late models. Big car count equals more fans, more money and more fun! Also as a general rule the late models usually are givin more chances to run big races because they are the premier class. Where were all the late models for the race at SAS? Dont get me wrong another big late model race would be great, but its about time they did something for the lower classes!


Just my opinion.

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