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THR curse

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Try everything that Brad tried last year when his curse was at full strength.


Also, do you remember telling him this one?



We pulled the monkey out of the car about 6:00 am Sat. morning soaked it in racing

fuel then the whole team surrounded it while it went up in flames.


It must have worked we finally finished a race.

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Ok.. long day at work here.. and my mind is a little off center.. but Here is an Idea...


Carry a bag of Rice in the car.. Kind of like wilson for Jr.... Also throw Rice at the car as it enters the race track off the pits..


Here is a note from Wedding history *(Sorry been getting lessions in this lately)

Rice*(Birdseed) was thrown at the Bride and Groom after the wedding to ward off Evil Spirits in Old Days...

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not rice,

here is the sure fire cure to what ails you.


have the crew chief put about 8 ounces of raw hamburger meat in the drivers right shoe.

Have the driver hot lap the car 3 laps with the burger/shoe on.

Come into the pits and cook the hamburger.

ALL members of the team have to help eat the hamburger.

This will rid you of the terrible curse that is afflicting your team.


It has worked before, honest injun

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Hey home skillett nevermind all of the horse pookey about the demons . The thing to do is mount a couple push brooms on the air dam to keep the track clean of debris. Better yet just duck tape tim to the hood and hand him the broom. Damn now we know where the other people at the snack bar were getting those luke warm burgers :huh:

Thank god for chopped beef and BBQ :D

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