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Reb gets "Rocky Mountain High"//Runs Pikes Peak

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LMAO, Man I haven't been that high, with both feet on the ground, since the 70's. 14,110 feet high to be exact on the top of Pikes Peak. Nearly passed out from lack of oxygen and the smell of pine was as intoxicating as methanol. Kinda reminded me of.......uh.....never mind. LMAO I ran the road course in a whopping 37 minutes. Of course that was stopping to take pix and getting stuck behind slow cars. Just wished my rental car was rear wheel drive and had more balls. But I gave her hell when I could. The trip down was actually the scary part. About 1/4 of the way down clouds rolled over the road, then it started raining. Pucker factor was HIGH!!! I did pass the brake temp, check point with flying colors(I can drive-lol) the two in front of me got parked for too much brake heat. Once I hit pavement again I thought it was going to be easier. But add water to granite dust and pebbles, with some road grime/oil and you get a big push in the corners!!


Can some one from Colorado tell me why they have road construction on Sunday night at 9PM? And I thought construction on every road in a city was limited to Texas. And who taught these people how to drive???? 55 or 85 no happy medium and both in the fast lane. Sheesh!!


Got to see four other tracks while I was sightseeing, Rocky Mountain National. The guy there was pretty cool and let me take a tour of the place. Colorado National, was locked uptighter than a drum. PPIR had a guy come over a throw my butt out of the parking lot. Guess he thought I was a terrrorist taking pix. Stumbled across 2nd Creek Raceway, well not actually stumbled, it was right next to RMNS. They were running SCCA classes. Watched a Formula 3000 or V race, then boogied. My guess is niether track will be around long 200,000 fourplex condos going up just down the street. Bet they complain about noise!! Then WHY move in by a race track---idiots!


All in all had a blast, watched some good racing, did some sightseeing and even got paid a little to be here. Not too bad a gig.


You should know when I'm flying back over Texas. My plane will the one with uncontrolable screaming or whimpering echoing across the state. LMAO I HATE TO FLY...well actually hate to crash.

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