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Cleanup Crew


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Ok, I heard people talking about Freddie Malek and his Cleanup Crew...so I just thought i should let everyone know who is in the crew...


Freddie Malek

Jeanie Malke (Momma)




Sonny Matulla


Ok and do forgive me all my paperwork is at the track but the other is either Billy, or Scott, or both...


Bartell Motorsports, Pro Fire Protection Inc. helps Freddie and them out with those Red JumpSuits and There Equipment


Tom Creacy

CCMS Announcer



Also there to help push brooms are:

Kevin (Flagman)

Riley, Tony, T-Bear, Owen, and the Statewide Crew (Big Joe, Little Joe, Van De, Brandon, and Johnny Skinner)


and #45 Clare Randell has help push a broom when he put oil around the entire track before.


If I forgot you i appologize, just complain on Sat. But these folks help keep the track clean, clear, and safe for racing...

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Guest Mary Ann Naumann
;) What a man, to not forget your team, you guys a truly incredible! Look forward to our return to your track Setember 18th!
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wouldn't want anybody else out there looking after us than them...Freddie's not the prettiest or first face you want to see after an accident, but I'm glad they're there!

j/k about your face Freddie! lol

Rick :P

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