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THR winners, 7/17/04


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Just so people will know, Bruce Hinson took the checkered in the Street Stock 30-lapper over Cary Stapp and Gary Chancellor won the Hobby Stock feature followed closely by David Hassinger. Defending Texas Pro Sedan champion Bill LaBarge brought his BMW to victory lane after a race long duel with Tony Johnson’s Mustang.


Had some fun in the THR Games, which this week featured two (2) two-person teams driving a Grand Stock, with the driver blindfolded while the other person guided the driver around the track during a time trial. The first team made it around just fine in about 39 seconds, but the second team got confused as to which way was left and ended up trying to take down the earthen embankment outside the back straight. Both the driver and the co-pilot escaped injury which could not be said for the Grand Stock car they were trying to drive.


Results and recaps to follow later.


Nick Holt

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