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Casey Smith press release

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CONTACT: Jeremy Troiano, 51 Sports

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Time Off Has Given Smith A Renewed Confidence


ASA Rookie Excited To See A Track He's Never Seen Before


AUSTIN, TX (July 15, 2004) – When ASA Rookie of the Year contender Casey Smith heard the news that ASA was continuing on for the rest of the 2004 season and that Madison International Speedway (WI) was still on the schedule, he breathed a sigh of relief. That is a little strange considering the fact that Smith has never been to the half-mile, high-banked track.


“I seem to excel when I go to tracks for the first time and I've heard some pretty good things about Madison,” said Smith, who will make the 20-hour trek from his home in Austin, Texas, to Madison, Wisconsin, on Thursday. “I've talked with some people and they have said that cars run setups similar to what is run at San Antonio Speedway, which is down here in Texas. So I was actually pretty excited about running there. I've heard it is one of the better tracks on the schedule; one where you can really race. That is what I like to hear.”


Following the Berlin race in early June, Smith was uncertain of what the rest of the 2004 season held after ASA announced they were having financial problems. In that time, Smith began working on his Super Late Model in preparation for racing in the Southeast; yet, he never let his ASA car sit idle.


“As soon as things were ‘a go’ again for ASA, we got right on the ASA car and got it ready. There wasn't a lot we had to do to it, but we wanted to make sure things were right. With the new look that ASA will have starting at Madison, winning in these races is going to be even more important.


“Of course, we are still looking at the Rookie of the Year title, but with less incentive in the year-end points’ fund, it is going to be all about winning these races. I think you will see that in the way the races play out near the end.”


Casey took his #19 car to Thunder Hill Raceway in Kyle, TX, last weekend to shake it down and test a few new setups on the car.


“There were some things we wanted to change and a few things we wanted to try, so we had to get it out on the track. I am glad we did, too, because a bunch of the things we tried worked and we were nearly a half-second faster at the end of the day testing than we were when we unloaded. I think we can use some of that in Madison and we are going to use a few other things at other places later in the year.”


Smith said he and his team are on track for running out the remainder of the ASA season.


“We are on a schedule to run the rest of the season. We were going to look at the Super Late Model schedule and see what we want to run, but it probably won't be too much. We will pretty much just end the year like we were planning, running the rest of ASA and a few big Late Model shows here and there.”


The team is searching for sponsorship for their run at ASA Rookie of the Year in 2004. For sponsorship inquiries, call (512) 282-6845 and be sure to check out www.caseysmith.com for more information.

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