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Congrats to our boy Aaron!


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Hey gang...


Just got an email from Aaron Brungot...


Besides the fact his dad is doing very well, and the fact that he'll be back with us on Saturday night at THR...


He proposed to his girlfriend on Monday..and he's now a "fiancee".. :D


Congrats, Aaron...best wishes to you and the wife-to-be.. B);):D

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Ahhh Never Fail Chuck!!!! I am sitting here LOL in my chair and Laura right behind me...


Nick Does she like racing>>>> One of my interview dating questions was... Its saturday night.. are you there strapin me in the car... or at home...


She with out hesitation said.. Pullin the straps tight!!!!


She Knows and loves it... One day maybe pullin straps.. but for now.. Just learning how to clean the white pants Sunday.. ahhhhh



I am very very happy.. she has been beside me for many many rough times and the lastest was just a nickel in the bucket.. I finally got the nerve to say Will you.. and before i could ask she was saying YES>... ahhh got to love that!!!


Don't worry she will be there saturday with me showin the BLING!!!!

I will be saving every dime for the rest of the year to Pay for the BLING>>> jk..


WE can't wait for saturday.. but CHUCK>. BLINK GRANDSTOCK RACE...


Good thing i have nerves of steal.. cuzz i will be standing somewhere safe..


Think I will need surgery myself.. for a busted gut from LOL>>>


Ahhh... Home sweet HOME>>> TX Bound in 36 hours!!!

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Way to go Aaron!


But, you knew she would say yes all along, right?


I am soooooooooo glad you will be back this weekend.


We have really missed you.


I have to say though that Yogi and Greg have really stepped up and have been doing a great job while you where gone. I bet they will be glad you are back to so they don't have to run around so much on the track.


Congrats and I am so glad to hear that your dad is doing well.


And I can finally say............






See you Saturday night.



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