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THR local class recaps 7/10/04

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Thunder Hill Raceway 7/10/04

By J M Hallas

In the local Late Model class,14 cars took the green with Marc Curry and David Sevilla on the front row. Curry got the jump on the start as Sevilla fell back hung out on the high groove. Yellow waved on lap 8 when Alvin Stewart slowed, trailing smoke. After a check of the track for liquid the race resumed with Curry, James Reeder in a patched up car, and Jamie Fuller running nose to tail, while Robert Stewart and Ryan Englehart battled for fourth.


Fuller would slow and pull off on lap 11 just as Tommy Temple spun with Michael Jones, David White would spin to miss the duo. Back under green R. Stewart got loose allowing Leland Waddell to get by for fourth. Sevilla brought out the yellow on lap 14 when went for spin. As the race resumed and came to halfway, Curry still held the point over Reeder, Englehart, Waddell and R. Stewart.


Englehart got inside Reeder on lap 18 to grab the second spot and moved in on Curry. Temple brought out the yellow hankie again when he had a solo spin. With ten to go, the top three were bumper to bumper, literally, as Englehart was tapping on Curry for the lead. R. Stewart lost his chance for a top five finish when he spun on lap 26.


On the restart, Reeder got inside Englehart, running side by side on lap 27. David Snokhaus spun on lap 28 when Waddell got loose and stacked up the pack. As green waved again, White spun to bring out the yellow quickly. Englehart got loose on the restart and fell back to fifth as Reeder pressured Curry. Reeder, using the treacherous high side had just moved around Curry when Sevilla spun again.


Curry would have gone back to the lead, but pitted instead, rejoining the tail and handing the lead to Reeder. Reeder, Waddell and new father, Tommy Gural took off on green, but noone had anything for Reeder as he took the victory in the Marshalls Travelland/Tropic Tan/Ford Taurus. No small deed after the hard hit he took in San Antonio three weeks ago, nearly destroying the car.

THR Late Models Results



1. 4 James Reeder 35 laps

2. 28 Leland Waddell 35 laps

3. 9 Tommy Gural 35 laps

4. 55 Michael Cullen 35 laps

5. 03 David Snokhous 35 laps

6. 8 David Sevilla Jr. 35 laps

7. 27 Michael Jones 35 laps

8. 6 David White 35 laps

9. 05 Marc Currey 30 laps

10. 53 Ryan Engelhardt 30 laps

11. 22 Robert Stewart 28 laps

12. 98 Tommy Temple 20 laps

13. 43 Jamie Fuller 11 laps

14. 10 Alvin Stewart 7 laps


In the Street Stock feature, Bruce Hinson grabbed the lead as the green flag flew, with three wide racing in pack coming out of turn 4. The three wide action continued as Chris Birmingham, Jody Swenson and Terry Tschoerner scrapped it out for third on lap 3. Cary Staap and Bobby LaFont were door to door for sixth as they battled it out on lap 5. Brian Walzel and Doug Ripple made contact and spun, while running in a three wide pack. Under yellow, leader Hinson would pit, giving the top spot to Gary Dean.


Staap slowed as green flew and began to fall back, while LaFont, Jim Teague and Bobby Teer jr all got by Tschoerner. Birmingham snagged the lead from Dean on lap 8 as Shawn Paul Lehman moved up to fifth after starting dead last in the 20 car field. Walzel would bring out the caution on lap 10 when went for a loop. On the restart, LaFont, Teer and Lehman freight-trained Dean for second, third and fourth. Teague moved along side Dean on lap 14 as the duo were side by side just as the yellow waved for Robert Lizotte who spun and collected Doug Ayers.


LaFont tried to jump high on Birmingham for the lead, letting Teer get inside. The two hooked bumpers allowing Lehman to sneak past for second. As the crossed flags were shown it was Birmingham, Lehman, Dean, Teague and Tschoerner, who had also gotten by Teer and Lafont. Staap and Rick Garner made contact on lap 16 causing Garner to spin. Dean suffered brief trouble before the drop of the green and slowed. Lap 17 saw Lehman and Birmingham side by side for the point, with Lehman getting ahead on lap 18.


Just as Lehman started to pull away, caution was back out on lap 20 when Walzel and Swenson got together in turn 3. Lehman jumped out the restart, while Teague tried the high side to get by Birmingham for second. With Teague hung out, Duane Toyne got inside to snag third. Toyne closed in on Birmingham and began a series of bumper taps. Ironically the two are next door neighbors.


A great chance for a comeback story came to end when Lehman lost a wheel in turn 2 sending him sliding off the track. The race was Lehman’s second race since a work related injury sidelined for several weeks. With Birmingham back in front, the green waved as Teer and Teague battled for third for third. The final yellow flew on lap 26 when Garner got sideways and collected Tschoerner


With a four lap shootout to the finish, Birmingham jumped out, while Teague slid high and Teer got by for second. Toyne followed suit as LaFont Slowed and pitted from the top five. With Teer using the high side, Toyne moved inside as they ran door to door for second. As the white waved Teer moved up along side Birmingham for the lead. Coming to the checkers Toyne was looking inside the lead duo as they raced to the line three wide. Birmingham was able to get to the line first to pick up the win.



A-Line Auto Parts Street Stocks Results


1. 9 Chris Birmingham 30 laps

2. 2 Bobby Teer Jr. 30 laps

3. 4 Duane Toyne 30 laps

4. 73 Jim Teague 30 laps

5. 8 Doug Ripple 30 laps

6. 36 Don Banker 30 laps

7. 66 Gary Dean 30 laps

8. 87 Rick Garner 30 laps

9. 01 Terry Tschoerner 30 laps

10. 71 John Wire 30 laps

11. 78 Brian Haugh 30 laps

12. 3 Bobby LaFont 27 laps

13. 19 Jody Swenson 26 laps

14. 99 Cary Stapp 26 laps

15. 5 Shawn Paul Lehman 24 laps

16. 00 Brian Walzel 17 laps

17. 52 Robert Lizotte 14 laps

18. 33 Marvin Buck 14 laps

19. 02 Doug Ayers 14 laps

20. 32 Bruce Hinson 5 laps

Hinson, Staap and Teer scored heat race victories.



The 20 lap Hobby Stock feature was a sight to behold as more than half of the race was run side by side for the lead. The race was halted early for a scary crash by Tracy Tschoerner as she went hard into the turn 1 tire wall nearly full throttle. Despite losing her helmet after going airborne jumping the pit exit, and the sudden stop, the young lady was alright suffering only a few cuts and bruises.


Jay Simon grabbed the point on the green, but Gary Chancellor moved along side on lap 3. The two stayed door to door until yellow waved on lap 6. It wasn’t long after green flew again the two were back it. Chancellor was able to get the nose ahead to lead laps 8-10, but Simon fought back to get the point again on lap 11.


In the meantime David Hassinger was lurking waiting for a mistake. As Simon cleared Chancellor, Hassinger moved in with the side by side fight now for second. Once by Chancellor, Hassinger got next to Simon for the lead The final five laps the two stayed glued at the doors. As the checkers waved it was Hassinger taking the win by less than a bumper.


Capital City Trade & Technical School Hobby Stock Results


1. 83 David Hassinger 20 laps

2. 74 Jay Simon 20 laps

3. 4 Gary Chancellor 20 laps

4. 10 (14) Joseph Tschoerner 20 laps

5. 25 Jay Gordon 20 laps

6. 27 Tim Fasano 20 laps

7. 5 Bubba Miiller 14 laps

8. 71 Kevin Bowen 6 laps

9. 11 Tracy Tschoerner 1 lap

10. 55 Eddie Barnett 0 laps

11. 24 Roy Loveday DNS

12. 37 Tommy Darity DNS


Grand Stock Results

1. 3 Mike Davis 10 laps

2. 69 Walt the Carpenter 10 laps

3. 57 Lynn Hardy 10 laps

4. 91 The Brave Marcia Moore 10 laps

5. 54 Eddie Siegmund 10 laps

6. 20 Jim Bell 10 laps

7. 839 Mark Chrudimsky 9 laps

8. 00 Charlotte Crye 8 laps

9. 13 Crazy Cooter 7 laps

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