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TSRS returns to HMP

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Texas Super Racing Series

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The Texas Super Racing Series Returns to Houston


The stars of the Texas Super Racing Series are making final adjustments to their speedy late model machines for this Saturday, July 17, at Houston Motorsports Park. Series officials are expecting one of the largest car counts of the season so far due to the scheduled mid-season break in the action.


By scheduling the long mid-season break, series founder Mary Ann Naumann, believed it would allow teams time to meticulously crawl their machines so they would be ready for the final two legs of the Triple Crown Championship as well as the overall season points championship during the final five points events this season.


"We are so excited to start the second half of the season," stated Naumann. "It was a nice break for everyone and their families, but it's time to show the race fans some more TSRS Stock Car Racing Action! Our Drivers and their teams are more than ready to climb back into their race cars and are ready to rock the second half of the 2004 Race Season. The first half was exciting, I can't imagine the second half, as these drivers go for the Series 2004 Track Championship, this Championship could be any one of the top ten cars, with our new points system, points are tight, as we all know, this makes for exciting racing!"


When the series last visited Houston Motorsports Park in May, Houston race fans saw some extremely fast laps turned in by a terrific group of some of the best stock car drivers in Texas. The sealer that Houston Motorsports Park put on the track has improved the tire adhesion and allowed for some exciting side-by-side racing. During the May 29 race qualifying, Brad Hudak broke the old track record and series points leader Mike Yale captured his second win of the season in exciting fashion.


Yale had a large chunk of his points lead disappear right before the scheduled break when engine troubles at Corpus Christi Motor Speedway forced him out of the race early. Even with the bad luck on the night, Yale did maintain his points lead by a slim margin over second place Lloyd Alexander by 18 points and third place Beau Bukowski by 32 points. "We've got to use our head and we are truly looking at the big picture," replied Yale about the tight points race. "I don't want to be accused of points racing, but if the opening is there, we'll take advantage of it."


Houston Motorsports Park has put together a great evening of racing for fans. Gates open Saturday at 5:00PM. For ticket information please call (281) 458-1972 or visit their web site at www.houstonmotorsportspark.com. The track is located at 11620 N. Lake Houston Parkway in Houston.

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