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Thank you SAS drivers


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Just wanted to say Thank you to Irish O'Leary (#55 Roadrunner) for lending me his car Saturday night for the WOW at SAS. That had to of been the slowest lap I have ever taken but I promised him I wouldn't tear up his car. That was a brave move since he is leading the points race in Roadrunners. I will be back this Saturday, the motor is out of the car getting fixed and will back in time for racing. Michael Odem #79 offered me his car as well but he is a litle guy and I'm a big girl, get it? It is a great feeling when you have fellow drivers jump in and help you in a desperate time and I would like to say Thanks to Garfield Shanklin, Larry Jackson and Greg Rohmer for pitching in. I guess we need to show the big boys how to get along!

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