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I-37 Speedway results 7/11/04--Recaps added

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I-37 Speedway 7/11/04

By J M Hallas

Pleasanton, Texas., I-37 Speedway hosted the second of its special Sunday afternoon shows for IMCA Modifieds, with IMCA Stocks added this week. 31 IMCA points chasers from North Texas, to Corpus showed up for the race despite ominous looking weather. The skies briefly opened up just before the scheduled start time, but only served to make the track and racing better.


Chase up to Challenge

Raymond Tague and Max Helms led the 19 car starting field to green at the start of the 20 lap IMCA Modified A-main. Dale Flanagan from row two quickly dove low going into turn 1 to get out front. But in turn 3, current National points leader, Henry Witt got sideways, with Danny Brown getting into him causing Bill Pittaway to get hooked with Brown. On the next try, Jason Borlace was first into turn 1, and Flanagan, Steve Whitaker jr and Tague three wide for second.


Whitaker came out of the pack for second and ran down Borlace, getting by for the lead on lap 2. Chase Glick, using the high side got past Flanagan for third on lap 3, then used the low side to get around Borlace for second on lap 4. Witt’s problems continued when he spun again on lap 4 due to a slowly deflating tire sending Witt to the tail again.


On the restart, IMCA Modified Rookie points leader, Trevor Egbert grabbed fifth from Elias Anderson. On lap 5 Flanagan and Borlace were side by side for third, but Flanagan slipped giving T. Egbert and Anderson the chance to move up. Flanagan fought back running along side Anderson until lap 7 when Pat McGuire moved past both.


Whitaker and Glick were starting to creep away from T Egbert, while a 6 car pack battled for fourth. McGuire and GW Egbert both got around Borlace on lap 9, while Witt had worked back up to tenth. Tracy Fink brought out the yellow when slid over the turn 4 hill just as the field approached halfway. As green waved again T. Egbert got along side Glick for second, Pittaway got loose and collected Brown. Under yellow Witt pitted one more to change the now flat tire.


The next attempt to go green had McGuire spinning, with David Cooke spinning behind him. Finally back to green, Glick, using the move T. Egbert had tried earlier, dove inside Whitaker, while GW Egbert was grabbing fourth from Borlace. Coming to the crossed flags Whitaker and Glick were wheel to wheel for the lead, followed by T. Egbert, GW Egbert and Borlace. The two teenage hot shoes were still side by side on lap 11 as GW Egbert pulled to the infield with a broken rear suspension.


Glick secured the top spot on lap 12, while Witt was again trying to make his way back to the front, passing Dinsmore for seventh. The final yellow waved on unlucky lap 13 for Anderson as he spun himself from fourth. On the restart, Whitaker slipped high letting T. Egbert snag second as Witt moved into the top five. With five to go, Glick was inching ahead of T. Egbert.


Lap 17 saw Flanagan get past Whitaker for third as Witt closed in, making the pass on Whitaker a lap later. As the white flag waved, Glick had a comfortable lead over T. Egbert, with Flanagan and Witt battling for third. At the checkers it was Glick taking his second win of the weekend in the Glick Automotive Enterprises/G-Force Graphics/Carbsmith/Blaines Motor Supply/Smileys Racing Products/Ezell Auto Parts/Pruitts Cleaners/Dirt Works Chassis.


IMCA Modifieds


1 02 Chase Glick (11)

2 78 Trevor Egbert (9)

3 701 Henry Witt (7)

4 57 Dale Flanagan (3)

5 89 Steve Whitaker jr (8)

6 8g Greg Dinsmore (15)

7 9 Pat McGuire (12)

8 4 Justin Majek (16)

9 123 David Cooke (19)

10 85(37) Bill Pittaway (5)

11 31 Elias Anderson (10)

12 125 Jason Borlace (4)

13 000 Mickey Helms (13)

14 76 Michael Carlock (14)

15 717 GW Egbert (17)

16 55 Danny Brown (6)

17 91 Tracy Fink (18)

18 32 Raymond Tague (1)

19 174 Max Helms (2)

Flanagan, Borlace and Whitaker took the heat wins.


Chad Charges to Front

In the IMCA Stock 20 lap feature current IMCA Stock Rookie points leader, Jeff Sustaire and Benji Kirkpatrick led the field to green with current IMCA National points leader Duain Pritchett, in a car borrowed from Brandon Dulock. Pritchett burned a piston in his car while leading his heat forcing him to find other arrangements for the feature.


Sustaire and Kirkpatrick stayed side by side in turn 1-2, with Chad Estes moving into the battle going three wide in turn 3. Kirkpatrick came out with the lead while Robert Williams dropped the driveshaft to bring out a yellow. Back under green Estes got by Sustaire for second as Sustaire fell back into the clutches of Cory Teakell for third. By lap 3 Pritchett had worked his way up to fifth.


Sustaire was looking to get second back when he tried inside Estes on lap 4, as the top three inched away from Teakell. Sustaire and Kirkpatrick made slight contact slowing the lead trio and giving Teakell and Pritchett the chance to close in. Sustaire and Estes were door to door on lap 8, while Pritchett snagged fourth from Teakell. As the crossed flags were shown it was Kirkpatrick, Estes, Sustaire, Pritchett and Teakell in the top five, with Sustaire and Estes side by side for second.


Estes held off Sustaire and was able to get by Kirkpatrick on the low side for the lead on lap 12. Kirkpatrick fought back and with a cross-over move got back along side Estes in turns1-2. Estes was able to hang on to the point, while Sustaire moved beside Kirkpatrick. With Kirkpatrick and Sustaire still high and low, Pritchett was looking to make a three wide move with five to go.


Kirkpatrick finally secured second, leaving Sustaire and Pritchett side by side for third and Teakell closing in. Coming to the white flag, Estes had built a three car edge over Kirkpatrick with Sustaire and Pritchett still door to door for third. At the finish it was Estes piloting the Central Texas Salvage Pool/Midwest Motorsports/SCS Chassis taking the hard earned win.

IMCA Stocks

1 83 Chad Estes (4)

2 47 Benji Kirkpatrick (2)

3 872 Jeff Sustaire (1)

4 251(22) Duain Pritchett (11)

5 252 Cory Teakell (8)

6 51x Elias Anderson (5)

7 147 Thomas Earl III (9)

8 25 Toby Miller (8)

9 29 Brandt Willis (6)

10 02 Robert Williams (7)

11 66 Johnny Torres (10)

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