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TAMS @ THR 7/10/04 Recap Added below

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Unofficial TAMS results at Thunder Hill Raceway, 7/10/04


1 75 Matt Brune

2 18 Bruce Beddoe

3 71 Joey Hienaman

4 48 Chris Swenson

5 87 Lawrence Mikulencak

6 5 Jerry Schild

7 9 Brandon Bendele

8 22 John Paul Kliewer

9 23 Jeff Smith

10 36 Jason Boyd

11 37 Don Banker

12 20 Matthew Gardner

13 65 Gary Junco

14 96 Martin Lyall

15 11 Kenny Huggins

16 98 Jay Guthrie

17 19 Marc Madison

18 81 David Machen

19 29 Billy Becka

20 38 Steve Clegg

21 15 Greg Davidson

22 55 Joe Schaffer

23 John Shultz


Chris Swenson set a new track record of 15.071 seconds.

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First, I want to apologize to all my LOYAL, REBELRACEWRITER fans, ROMCO, TAMS and THR. This was dig at Chuckie and Ric for the insipid nickname they seem to think is so funny. Ya it was for a while, but now it's getting old! I've worked hard for little or no pay to get where I'm at and think I've earned my title as rebelracewriter. So please, next time you see /talk to Chuckie or Ric give them the word to drop the gardener crap!


Nick, you obviously have no sense of humor this morning.


Hopefully I'll have the stories up soon, depending on what time I get back from I-37 Speedway tonight. Since I stayed in Austin with friends, I wasn't able to get much done last night /today. Thanx for your patience!

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Official Results of the TAMS 50-lap Feature at Thunder Hill Raceway, 7/10/04


Showing Finishing position, Car Number, Name, Hometown, Laps, Qual Time, $ Won


1 75 Matt Brune Giddings, TX 50 15.120 $1,000.00

2 18 Bruce Beddoe Robstown, TX 50 15.276 $600.00

3 71 Joey Heinaman Corpus Christi, TX 50 15.212 $450.00

4 48 Chris Swenson Comfort, TX 50 15.071 $350.00

5 87 Lawrence Mikulencak Corpus Christi, TX 50 15.456 $300.00

6 5 Jerry Schild Katy, TX 50 15.494 $250.00

7 9 Brandon Bendele San Antonio, TX 50 15.565 $200.00

8 22 John Paul Kliewer Boerne, TX 50 15.565 $150.00

9 23 Jeff Smith La Vernia, TX 50 15.720 $125.00

10 20 Matt Gardner Corpus Christi, TX 49 15.776 $125.00

11 36 Jason Boyd Magnolia, TX 49 16.394 $125.00

12 37 Don Banker Austin, TX 49 15.790 $125.00

13 65 Gary Junco Katy, TX 48 16.849 $125.00

14 96 Martin Lyall Channelview, TX 44 16.084 $125.00

15 11 Kenny Huggins San Marcos, TX 41 16.559 $100.00

16 98 Jay Guthrie Dallas, TX 31 17.071 $100.00

17 19 Marc Madison Tioga, TX 26 16.331 $100.00

18 81 David Machen Austin, TX 25 15.557 $100.00

19 29 Billy Becka La Vernia, TX 17 15.381 $100.00

20 38 Steve Clegg San Antonio, TX 16 16.419 $100.00

21 15 Greg Davidson Houston, TX 11 15.130 $100.00

22 55 Joe Shaffer Mountain City, TX 9 15.497 $100.00

23 44 John Schultz Round Rock, TX 9 15.758 $100.00


Note: #36 & #37 penalized 1 position for advancing position on move over flag for leaders


Fast Time: #48 Chris Swenson 15.071 "new track record"


Hard Charger: #65 Gary Junco (advanced 8 positions)

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Am I the only one that thinks the lap times these guys are turning at THR are pretty amazing? Some of these guys really have those mods. figured out. Before long, they'll be running in the upper 14 second range with 2 bbl carbs.



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I have never thought about that and really that is amazing. Just think how it felt going that fast and getting hit from behind while sitting ontop of another car and get knocked over it.. Ouch (that is all I saw). what do those cars have to weight and could that be the reason for the speed compaired to the LM?

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these results are correct. on the track, the 36 & 37 did finish in front of the 20 car, however they were both penalized 1 position for passing the 20 car under the move over flag for the leaders. this issue was discussed during the drivers meeting & action was taken accordingly.

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Texas Asphalt Modifieds Series @ Thunder Hill Raceway 7/10/04

By J M Hallas

Brune Boasts Big win

Kyle, Texas., The track and cars were lightning fast in qualifying with four drivers besting the old TAMS track record on the 3/8 mile oval Saturday night. Joey Hienaman, Greg Davidson, Matt Brune and Chris Swenson all surpassed the old mark, with Swenson posting a 15.071 in his Gain/A+ Cash/Synergyn/B&A Automotive/Spreen Racing Engines/Swenson Race Chassis.


Swenson and Brune would pace the 23 car field to green for the 50 lap feature event. Before lap 1 was completed, Billy Becka spun collecting David Machen. John Schultz slid over the turn 2 hill. On the restart, Swenson and Brune stayed wheel to wheel through turns 1-2, with Swenson getting the edge to lead lap 1. Davidson slid high in turn 4 allowing Lawrence Mikulencak to grab third, as Davidson then pitted.


By lap 5 Swenson had a two car gap to Brune, who had 8 car lengths back to Mikulencak and Bruce Beddoe, while Hienaman was trying to get by Billy Becka. On lap 8 Becka got freight-trained by Hienaman, Jerry Schild and Brandon Bendele. The caution waved on lap 9 when Joe Schaffer and Shultz got tangled in turn 2. Matthew Gardener had nowhere to go and rear-ended Shultz sending him airborne over the hood of Schaffer.


Marc Madison brought out the yellow shortly after the restart when he slid off the back stretch. In one of those cautions breed cautions deals, Gary Junco brought out successive yellows spinning on lap 12, and again on the restart. Jason Boyd took his turn in the spin cycle when he looped it on the second try. Swenson had just started to inch away from Brune, Mikulencak, Beddoe and Hienaman when Machen got high in turn 4 and came down on Davidson, who spun to the infield.


Finally back under green flag racing, Brune was starting to pressure Swenson for the lead on lap 20. The top five were nose to tail coming to the crossed flags, with Swenson, Brune, Mikulencak, Beddoe and Hienaman with a good lead over Schild in sixth. Just the flags were shown, Madison, Junco and Machen got tangled in turn 2 to bring out a red.


After the red, Swenson’s car seemed to loose the handle as Brune ducked inside on the restart and grabbed the top spot on lap 27. Mikulencak and Beddoe followed suit as they moved around the loose car of Swenson. Mikulencak began to pressure Brune for the lead on lap 30 as he looked for a dirt/pavement double after winning at I-37 Speedway on Friday night in his IMCA Modified.


Beddoe closed in on both as they battled for the top spot on lap 32. With ten to go Brune had a car length on Mikulencak and Beddoe with gaps back to Swenson and Hienaman. Beddoe got by Mikulencak on lap 41, as Mikulencak started to slow slightly. Brune caught traffic on lap 43 which gave Beddoe the chance to reel him in on lap 44.


Brune got through one set of back markers with no problem and came up on another pair battling for position. Hienaman was able to snag fourth from Swenson with two to go, while Brune cleared traffic. Brune had a little breathing room as took the white flag, while Mikulencak slowed dramatically losing several spots. As the checkers waved it was Brune piloting the Calico Coatings/Bonds Custom Land Clearing/Lone Star Materials/SanRoc Signs/TAR Boddies/KAM Race Engines/Circle Burner Race Car to the win.

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