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TROC & Texas Grand Prix - Well friends, you have tuned into the correct "information station".


Since I was the Organizer and Race Director of all of those TWS races, I would suggest that if you have questions, I may have the answers.


Just ask on this topic and I'll try to answer.


It was a great time to be in Texas racing.


Neil Upchurch

Race Director & Organizer

Texas Race of Champions & Texas Grand Prix

Texas World Speedway

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Outlaw 22


The winners purse during all those years of the Texas Race of Champions ranged from $3,000 to $5,000 to win. The amount depended upon who was the owner of TWS at the time and sponsorship availability. A purse of that size in those days was landmark. Adjusted for inflation since then, today it would be about $10,000 - $15,000 to win. (Do the math)


Mike Conner still lives in College Station and works at a radio station there. He and his wife Ann raised three daughters. One of them has worked in New York on the network TV production of Soap Operas.




Vita Fresh is still an orange juice producing company. In addition to sponsoring several race cars years ago, like "Fireball" Jimmy Finger of Austin and Ronnie Chumley of Magnolia, Vita Fresh sponsored several races at TWS. Vita Fresh also sponsored my 4 cylinder VW for Mexico 24 hour races in which I raced. Gordon Van Liew of Houston was the owner of Vita Fresh and quite a race fan. He even owned an Indy car at one time. I heard that Gordon died a few years ago. Perhaps the current Vita Fresh management isn't quite as good a race fan as was Gordon Van Liew.

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Forgot to Mention: In the first post with the picture, that attractive young lady captioned as Mary Ann Boring was the race Queen of the 1978 Texas Race of Champions. I had the privilege of selecting her for the honorary position.


Twenty six years later, some of you may know her as Mary Ann Nauman, Founder and President of TSRS.



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