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AllStar Racing Trucks left out


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I know not many people read the San Marcos Daily Record. However, before somebody writes in to complain, I want to apologize for the ARTS drivers being left out of the article on THR racing this past Saturday.

Someone sent me a nice e-mail and pointed out that I didn't include the trucks in the article this week.

I apologize to Jon G., Bryan M. and all the other ARTS drivers. It was an oversight that happened about 3 a.m. Sunday morning. I do this every week because I enjoy racing, and especially enjoy Thunder Hill, but I guess my age is catching up to me.

I had planned on making a point that Bryan Meredith has won his last three appearances at Thunder Hill, and that Jon Garrett won their first appearance this season.

But, somewhere between the planning and the doing, my data bank apparently got deleted.

Anyway, I am sorry, and I do apologize. I really enjoy all the classes that race at THR and would never intentionally leave someone out.



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