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In the Truck series..#93 Chett Gehrke (Tulsa), Legacy series..#9 Kyle Sirizzotti (SA) #69 John Riley (Austin)..In the Bandos #94 Alex Hickham (Austin) #8 Jacob Kruger (Austin)..and in the Legands #49 Dustin Teague (SA) #ZZ Zac Zearfoss (Austin) and #17 Brennan Poole (SA). (If I left anyone out ??, wasn't intentional).

All 8 drivers started in Quarter Midgets.

The oldest of the 8 is only 19, the youngest 11.

There were 10+ QMA families in the the stands.

Kyle Sirizzotti and Brennan Poole are QMA National Champions, both with the SA club.


If you have the chance to support this organization, please do, as they support the local tracks.


I know of these former QMA members...Eddy Wallace...Josh Freeman...Casey Smith...Matt Covington...they race other series and were not at THR last Saturday night.

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In the Truck series..#93 Chett Gehrke


QMA must be a good training ground...From the view inside my truck, Chett is very smooth and clean...He is a great kid and I enjoy racing with him and his family...unfortunately for him, he was dealing with mechanical issues last Saturday, so he didn't get much of a chance to show what he can do...

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