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Johnny Clark claims 3rd 2011 PASS win in Canada

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Johnny Clark rolls on, claims third PASS North win of 2011 at L'Autodrome Chaudiere - Mother Nature loses one to the racers in the PASS North Habitations Dany Lagace 150


from Norm Dejardins, PASS PR


Naples, Maine (6/28/2011) - Defending Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North Champion Johnny Clark earned his third super late model win of the young PASS North season Sunday in the PASS Habitations Dany Lagace 150 at L'Autodrome Chaudiere . Ben Rowe and Patrick Laperle chased Clark to the stripe.



Top 3: Ben Rowe (2nd), winner Johnny Clark and Patrick Laperle (3rd). (Norm Marx photo)


PASS North's first trip to Quebec since 2004 was marred by rain. A bleak forecast delayed the event until Sunday, then it was a battle between mother nature, the tenacious Chaudiere track crew and PASS officials to get and keep a raceable track surface. In the end their efforts paid off and the hardy Quebec fans were treated to the kind of racing only super late models can provide.



Travis Benjamin (17) leads Ben Rowe (4) and Scott Chubbuck early, (Norm Marx photo)


Travis Benjamin led early on from the front row, eventually surrendering the lead to Ben Rowe. Benjamin lost a tire and suffered a bone jarring crash that led to a red flag at lap sixty.The wreck ended a promising evening for the Morrill Maine racer.



Travis Benjamin's day ended when a flat sent him into the Autodrome Chaudiere water barrels. (Norm Marx photo)


When the field took flag man Mike Mayberry's green Clark was next to Ben Rowe up front, moving up from eleventh on the grid. Laperle lookedvlike Clark's serious challenger, taking over the second spot and trying to use the bottom to get by the leader. Laperle could get to Clark's numbers but couldn't take away the lead. Those challenges took their toll on the Quebec star's equipment and Clark was able to build a formidable lead. Ben Rowe took the second spot from Laperle at lap 125 and that's the way they raced to the finish.



The way they finished: Johnny Clark (54), Ben Rowe (4) and Patrick Laperle (91). (Norm Marx photo)


Scott Chubbuck had an up and down day, surviving contact to race back fourth. Alex Gingras had yet another sold run in fifth despite mechanical issues and a spin.Points contender Lonnie Sommerville lost some ground, falling out on lap 58 with mechanical problems.


Clark and Ben Rowe each earned a heat race win. Eight of the twnety starters completed all 150 green flag laps.


The PASS North super late model trail moves to New Hampshire's Canaan Fair Speedway on Saturday July 2 for the Firecracker 150. They'll be joined by the PASS Mods for a spectacular night of racing that includes monster trucks and firworks. All the details can be found at www.proallstarsseries.com and www.canaanspeedways.com .


Unofficial Results: PASS North Habitations Dany Lagace 150 – Autodrome Chaudiere, QC 6/26


1) 54 - Johnny Clark - 150

2) 4 - Ben Rowe – 150

3) 91 - Patrick Laperle – 150

4) 77 - Scott Chubbuck – 150

5) 27qc - Alex Gingras – 150

6) 24 - Mike Rowe – 150

7) 28 - Kirk Thibeau – 150

8) 61 - Mario Gosselin – 150

9) 21 - Jean Dery – 149

10) 60 - DJ Shaw – 149

11) 12 - John Dabrowski – 149

12) 75 - Gary Smith – 148

13) 88 - Kyle Dessouza – 148

14) 2 - Matt Matheson – 145

15) 84 - Martin Latulippe – 145

16) 16 - Kevin Roberge – 103

17) 17a - Scott Alexander – 64

18) 17 - Travis Benjamin – 60

19) 48 - Lonnie Sommerville – 58

20) 73 - Joey Doiron - 46

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Hey Nick,did they actually have 20 cars total or were there 30 or 40 cars with just the top 20 starting?The reason I ask is because I know that area had alot larger car counts a few years ago.Looking at other big event car totals makes it seem like the problems with car counts here in Texas are par for the course.I'm thinking with all the talk of car counts around here that maybe the local racing community is just beating themselves up a little.If we had dropped on a percentage basis like some other areas have we probably would have only 2 or 3 cars in each class.....just sayin'...let's lighten up and have fun with what we have.

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