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Allison Legacy Stars


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You have already named some of these but here goes.


Jim France, bought 1st car in 1995


Nextel Cup

Brian Vickers


Craftsman Trucks

Jon Wood

Jay Godley

Regan Smith



Doug Stevens

Clayton Rogers


Goody's Dash

Brian Sockwell


Hooter's /ASA/Southern Allstars

Eric Darnell

Ryan Himphill

Joel kaufman

Todd Peck

Chase Miller

Jayme Bolkavac


On a Local note.(from the Houston series)


Donnie Kelley


ASA Late Model

Kirby Caldwell



Thad Felton

Bob Garwood

Kirby Honeycutt


Houston Late Model

Ed Mann


Probably more info than you wanted.

P.S. Scott the fast is still in the car.



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there are alot of previous owners and drivers who have moved on to "bigger" series

but "we" continue to race this series because we like it

i hope they found happiness and success where they went

and i hope we continue to have happiness and success for those who stay



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Two more noteable drivers are:


Joey Logano who is 14. He races in the ASA Late Models and the ASA National tour. Who says the young guys can't race. Logano qualified 3rd out of 62 at Madisonville Wisconson, 31 positions in front of me and right behind Matt Kensth and Travis Kquapl.


Kelly Sutton 31 year old Craftsman Truck Driver sposored by Copaxone which is a Multiple Sclerosis drug. Fitting sence she has MS and still can drive a race car. She also raced in the Goodys Dash Series.

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