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2011 South Texas Street Stock Shootout

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Race #1 - July 23rd Shady Oaks Speedway - Goliad, Tx (Practice available for July 22nd)

Race #2 - Aug 27th Texana Raceway Park - Edna, Tx

Race #3 - Sept 17th I37 Raceway - Pleasanton, Tx (Champion to be determined)


All 3 tracks are waiving their registration fees. Drivers have a choice of racing 1 event or all events at no additional costs other then the normal pit passes. However we are awarding the Top 10 Drivers in Points. To be eligible there is a $30 entry fee. The entry fee's along with all sponsorship monies collected going straight into the Points Fund. 100% Pay back on all money collected.


Current Championship Points Fund


$600 - Points Champion plus custom built trophy from Bobby & Rosemary Stacy

$500- Runner Up

$400 - 3rd place

$300 - 4th place

$200 - 5th place

$150 - 6th place

$125 - 7th place

$100 - 8th place

$75 - 9th place

$50 - 10th place


Sponsor List as of 7/17/11 (Point Fund Money)


$750 - Dynamic Race Craft

$200 - Texana Raceway Park

$200 - Auto Repair Unlimited & JTC Motors Angleton, Texas

$200 - 2 Jack's Bookkeeping & Tax Service of Sandia, Texas

$200 - Stacy Family of Shady Oaks Speedway

$200 - Cagle Motorsports

$150 - Treasure Island Fantasy Sports

$150 - Streakin' F Helicopters, L.L.C.

$150 - Rising Star Racing Bodies

$100 - Lauren Chamberlain & CK Racing

$100 - Jeff Zavesky

$100 - Ross Welding

$100 - Allgayer, Inc.

$100 - Texas Auto Parts

$100 - Wade Jones

$100 - Migura Family

$75 - Hill Country Fireplace

$75 - Texas Hill Country Home Renovations

$50 - Rogers Performance Carbuerator Gift Certificate

$20 - Rogers Performance Carbuerator Gift Certificate

Product Sponsor - Earl Baxter with Mud Buster

$250 Gift Certificate for graphics package by CNC Graphix

$300 Value Racing HEI Distributor - Spreen Racing Engines

(3) $100 tire gift certificates towards a dirt boss or g60 - Swenson Racing Chassis

Champions Trophy - Bobby & Rosemary Stacy

$100 Pole Sitter / Fastest Qualifying Lap - Shady Oaks Speedway - Tony Blankenship Mobile Homes / Manard Racing

$100 Pole Sitter / Fastest Qualifying Lap - Texana Raceway Park - Brian King and King Racing

$100 Pole Sitter / Fastest Qualifying Lap - I37 Raceway - Opiela Mechanical

500 4x6 Hero Cards to Series Winner - JB Hotshots (Jamie Brabson)


Mail Sponsorship Checks and Registration forms to:


Monty Chamberlain

P.O. Box 148

Louise, Texas 77455


Also looking for product sponsors, gift certificates, or any prize we can hand out during drivers meeting.

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The point system puts a great deal of attention towards drivers that finish races in the upper 3rd of the starting field but should keep anyone finishing races in contention for a well deserved Top 10 result in total points. All 3 events will reward points on time trials and features. In the event a B Main or Last Chance Race is ran no points are awarded except for any driver who does not qualify to the main event. 20 points will be awarded to any driver that takes the green but doesnt qualify through the B Main or Last Chance Race.


All drivers draw for their qualifying position for time trial. All 3 tracks will have time trials which replaces the heat races and awards points based on time trial results.


Time Trial Points

1st 30

2nd 25

3rd 20

4th 19

5th 18

6th 17

7th 16

8th 15

9th 14

10th 13

11th 12

12th 11

13th 10

14th 9

15th 8

16th 7

17th 6

18th - 30th 5


Feature Points

1st 150

2nd 140

3rd 130

4th 120

5th 110

6th 100

7th 95

8th 90

9th 85

10th 80

11th 75

12th 70

13th 65

14th 60

15th 55

16th 50

17th 45

18th 40

19th 35

20th - 30th 30


Race format.


The format will be similiar to last year. NO HEAT RACES. The top 14 fastest qualifiers will be determined with a 2 lap time trial hot lap for each car. We will put a fastest qualifier sponsor together for the events pole sitter. The rest of the field will be determined through a last chance qualifying race. Depending on car count it could be split into 2 last chance qualifying races.

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Preentry Drivers List as of 7/17/11


#52 AJ Dancer - I37 Paid

#55 Lauren Chamberlain - Texana Racway Park Paid

#186 Robert Danielsen - I37 Paid

#149 Stephan Danielsen - I37 Paid

#41 Wade Jones - I37 Paid

#63 Chase Sanchez - Texana Raceway Park

#93 Greg Dinsmore - I37 Paid

#7 Cody Leonard - I37 Paid

#5 Darrin Leonard - I37 Paid

#66 GW Egbert - I37

#19 Randy Seals - Battleground Speedway

#79x Bryan Feagin - Kennedale Speedway Park

#18 Shawn Moore - I37

#11 Shawn Kline - Shady Oaks Speedway

#35 Tony Blankenship - Shady Oaks Speedway Paid

#77 Chris Shaffer - Texana Raceway Park Paid

#31 Brian King - Texana Raceway Park Paid

#89 Matt Farris - Shady Oaks Speedway Paid

#88j Bobby Jack - I37 Raceway Paid

#118 Anthony Gordon - I37 Raceway Paid

#21x Jason Fox - Texana Raceway Park Paid

#23 David Bruns - Shady Oaks Speedway Paid

#68 Alan Kunkel - Shady Oaks Speedway Paid

#4 David H. McGuire - South Texas Speedway - Paid

#1x Johnny Thomas - Texana Raceway Park Paid

#97 Daniel Youngblood - Shady Oaks Speedway

#50 Kevin Williams - Shady Oaks Speedway

#99 Trevor Egbert - I37

#37 A.J Wernette - I37

#3 Mike Moseley - Texana Raceway Park - Paid

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Announcement of an additional sponsorship. Texas Auto Parts is sponsoring $100 into the series points fund. Texas Auto Parts is owned by Matt Farris and his family. Matt is driving the #89 SOS Street Stock in the series. Thank you Matt and Texas Auto Parts for your $100 sponsorship.


Also, collected an entry form and payment last night from Mr. Alan Kunkel, #68 Shady Oaks Street Stock.

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Wow! You Guys are really putting together one hell of a show. I just happen to know where an old torres street stock i37 championship monte carlo been sittin for years. Gona see what I can get it for and try to join you guys. When is registration deadline?

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Wow! You Guys are really putting together one hell of a show. I just happen to know where an old torres street stock i37 championship monte carlo been sittin for years. Gona see what I can get it for and try to join you guys. When is registration deadline?

There's really not a specific deadline. We would like to receive the paid registration well before the first event as both Stephan and I will be pretty busy race evenings with our teams cars (he's driving in his case and I will be helping my daughter Lauren) and the series related items that will pop up. You could register early in the evening of the first event, but we'd sure like to get the registration in advance. If you are not paid and registered before the first event you won't be able to accumulate points from the first event. If you'd like to pay and register for example just before the second event, you can accumulate points from the 2nd event forward, etc... Gotta be paid by start of first night's events to start accumulating points on the first night.


Also as a reminder, the events are on regular race nights of each track. You don't have to be in the series to run with this group on a given night at any track. You only need to pay and register with our series if you want to compete for the points fund and more importantly the possible bragging rights as the "2011 South Texas Street Stock Shootout Champion"


A word of caution for anyone mailing. I will be heading out of state July 17th - 21st. The earlier you mail your paid registration, the better or hand it to me or Stephan at one of the tracks we visit. I use a P.O. box and will be going to the box on July 22nd. I won't be able to go by on the 23rd, so the earlier mailed the better. If we show up at the track and I don't have a paid registration with me, but someone says they mailed it, I won't be able to help on that. We'll have to ask that the person pay at the track and then if in fact I find the paid registration after the 23rd, I will return that additional money to you........


Thank you again to everyone (teams, sponsors and host tracks) for the tremendous energy built up around this series. We are on the three week countdown to the Shady Oaks Speedway, Event #1.

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Alright here is some additional information. I want to thank Spreen Racing Engines in Boerne for stepping up. They will be donating a $300 custom built racing HEI Distributor. Ready for racing! To be eligible you must pay your championship points registration fee of $30. You dont have to race in all 3 races but you must be registered. At the drivers meeting before the I37

September race we will have everyone that is registered put a ticket in a hat and we will draw a name out to see who will win the racing distributor.


Also Race 1 and Race 2 at the drivers meeting we will put all competitors names in a hat and draw to determine 6 winners for race 1 and 6 winners for race 2. All winners will recieve a bottle of Mud Buster sponsored by the founder Earl Baxter.


Also all drivers will be eligible to win an extra $50 if you win a feature event and have a Mud Buster decal on the car at that time of victory. Sponsored by Treasure Island Fantasy Sports.


Lots of ways for different drivers to win not only on the track but off as well. Please pass the word and lets pull some resources together and get some of these cars back to the track to be part of what appears to be an Annual Race Event for Street Stocks. Please remember to thank your local tracks for supporting us if not by shaking their hand then at least bring an extra pit member for help.

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Ok more more more here is more $$$$!


If you dont have a car at this point you damn well need one as this series is honestly out of control. Everyone is jumping onboard and contributing in one way or another! The details with Dynamic Race Craft sponsorship have been released!Pay attention folks cause this is getting crazy!


1st - $100 for 7th place finisher at each of the 3 race events.

2nd - $50 goes to the hard charger of each of the 3 race events. In the event of a tie for most cars passed then the car starting in the worst starting position will win the tie breaker.

3rd - A Bonus of $400 has been put up for any driver that can win all 3 races. If no driver is able to pull that task off then $300 will be put into the points fund and distributed throughout the top 10 drivers.


So bottom line Dynamic Race Craft is throwing it out there with alot of drivers getting a piece of the pie. If you got the stones to go for it and win all three then there is a big bonus on the line!

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Ok details have been worked out. All 3 tracks will eliminate heat races and replace them with a 2 lap qualifying hot lap. The best timed lap will be taken for feature lineup. The fastest 14 drivers go straight to the feature. If over 24 total cars all nonqualified drivers will race in a last chance qualifier to determine the final 10 cars. Feature event will be 25 laps.


We are attempting to find a sponsor for each tracks pole sitter.

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We have discussed with Owen about adding STS as a 4th race track for next years 2012 South Texas Street Stock Shootout! This years races are being held at Shady Oaks Speedway, Texana Raceway Park and I37 Raceway with the 1st race coming up July 23rd at Shady Oaks Speedway. The tracks will tech all drivers to their home track rules. There are differences and advantages to each set of rules but on the track they blend very well and create some great competition! Owen will be announcing letting the pure stocks off so those teams if decide too can compete and represent STS on July 23rd. Already a couple drivers have signed up and plan to race. History tells everyone STS has some great drivers but with your current rule package you have been bringing a knife to a gun fight. Your promoter Owen wants to see his drivers have good chance at not only racing but racing for a chance at winning. We are allowing STS registered cars the option of running the limited 500 tire for these 3 races. Its not manditory in any way to change or even compete. Its all optional, but our efforts is to bring all the area drivers together for some awesome races and not allow any particular track nor team have an unfair advantage. So even though the invite has already been extended it is now a real opportunity. We wish you guys luck and if you have any questions please direct them via pm to myself or Monty Chamberlain.

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This is all I can do at this time Bobby. It takes alot of time, time I really dont have. One thing I dont want to do is get away from the rules. This is the only rule we have relaxed and they only one Owen requested. Its been very managable and that needs to be key for now. We can learn from this year like we did from last year and apply it to 4 races at 4 tracks next year. Owen is on board and is making plans for exactly that.

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Mo Money!! Received a $100 sponsorship commitment from Brian King & King Racing for the pole winner award at the Texana event. Brian King is the 20 year old sensation that has several feature wins under his belt this year at Texana and a win or two at Shady Oaks this year.


Thank you Brian and King Racing for your $100 pole winner sponsorship commitment.


And,,, picked up registration fees from David Bruns and Tony Blankenship. As of this writing, we have 15 pre-paid entry's. With the remaining entrants and those at the tracks who will be running on a host night, but not in the series, we will be seeing full 24 car fields for A Mains. Can you say "remember the good old days"...

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The phenomenon of the energy around this series continues to amaze beyond our expectations. I'm excited to announce that we've received a sponsorship to the series from the Migura Family in the amount of $100. Many of you know the Migura family who have won numerous late models features and volunteerism with the Shady Oaks Go Kart program. Thank you Migura Family for you sponsorship of this fantastic and exciting series.

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I also received sponsor money from Opiela Mechanical sponsor of Wade Jones #41 ($100). It will be awarded to the pole sitter of the I37 Raceway South Texas Street Stock Shootout Race #3.


Also have commitment from Tony Blankenship Mobile Homes / Manard Racing $100 for pole sitter of the Shady Oaks Speedway South Texas Street Stock Shootout Race #2.

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We picked up a sponsorship from JB Hotshots (Jamie Brabson). If you've ever seen Jamie's photography work, you know it is a good as they get. JB Hotshots is sponsoring 500 4x6 Hero Cards for the series champion. Thank you Jamie and congrats on your new bundle of joy.




.Also, I received contact from Daniel Youngblood that he is stepping into the series. Daniel races the #97 at Shady Oaks. He blew his motor in his primary car last weekend, but he is gonna start the series in the famous El Camino, in hopes he can get the primary back on the track before the end of the series. Now, that's some determination. Welcome aboard Daniel.



And, we may have a couple of shoes entering that many will know simply by the last name. Waiting on a confirmation and anxious to announce this if it is a go.

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