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What a night at HMP


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Wow is all I can say about last nights racing, some great door to door racing. Congrats to all the winners and in each class (late models excluded) it was some exciting clean hard charging racing. The late model class on the other hand, come on guys. You guys are supposedly the best racers out there and with 5 cars you couldn't keep it together. After the 02 wrecked the 00 it was a great time to take a break and go grab a beer becuase 4 cars running around running into each other isn't very exciting to watch. Had a chance to go look at that 00 car after the race and wow, that guy is lucky to have walked away at all, good job to his crew for building a safe car.


Modified race was the best, sorry that Zak got nailed on a weight penalty but I didn't sit down for that entire race, I know there were guys going for the bounty but wow, that was an awesome race.

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