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Texana Results

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Texana Raceway Park

June 18th Race Results


The strong south Texas winds carried in some strong hotshoes from across the gulf south region on June 18th at Texana Raceway Park.


After a few weeks with just a couple of mini-stocks, three new entries showed up. Among them was Hunter Tesch making his debut racing performance. Tyler Dvorak took the early lead with Tesch in second. Tesch spun and Christopher Burnett moved up to the 2nd spot. Tesch would regroup and after a caution regain the 2nd position. Dvorak maintained his lead from start to finish carrying home the feature win.

10 Tyler Dvorak

72 Hunter Tesch

24 Christopher Burnett


If you want guaranteed action, you can count on the Texana Classic Dwarf each outing. Preparing a race summary is quite a challenge with this group as there is so much action and swapping of positions in the front runners throughout the feature. At the drop of the green, Victor Vargas went to the early lead with Mike Christians in 2nd and Joseph Snow in 3rd. All the while Gary Faris, Greg Sexton and Frank Fruia were starting to knock on the door. Eventually Fruia moved up to the 3rd spot. Snow spun and went to the back of the field to which most would assume would have put him out of contention in this field. That was not to be the case. Eventually Sexton moved up to the lead to overtake Vargas. With laps winding down, Snow was picking off cars left and right to move all the way back up to the 2nd spot. Time ran out for Snow to make a good run to see if he had anything left for Sexton and Sexton cruised to the victory.

14 Greg Sexton

01 Joseph Snow

24 Victor Vargas

13 Mike Christians

15 Gary Faris

1 Brad Wright

2ez Easy Casey

7 Greg Sexton Jr

66 Douglas Wright

11 Jerry Godfrey

3x Frank Fruia


There was excitement abound right from the drop of the green flag in the Street Stock Feature. After a few events absence from Texana, Tony Blankenship was back and took the early lead. Brian King was right on his bumper with Brad Hayes in close as well. Lauren Chamberlain started 6th and shuffled back to 10th and needed to pick a good line to start making up some of the loss. Chamberlain and Mike Mosley ran nose to tail several laps. A few cautions with spins as the race progressed, and on each restart, King and Hayes were placing severe pressure on Blankenship. Blankenship was smooth and consistent protecting the low line making it difficult for any of the other challengers to make a pass. With laps winding down, the front five were running fairly close with Jason Fox and Chamberlain just a few feet apart. There was good racing action throughout the field and a demonstration of some good driving skills throughout. When the checker flew, Blankenship had prevailed in holding off all challenges by leading the most important lap of all.

35 Tony Blankenship

31 Brian King

9* Brad Hayes

21x Jason Fox

55 Lauren Chamberlain

3 Mike Moseley

36 Jason Bloom

67 Joe Boop

26 Scott Hagan

10 Justin Staff


If one would have talked to GW Hessong earlier in the week they would have learned that he was not going to get to race as all of the front end parts on his car needed to be replaced due to a last lap incident at the previous event. However, it’s sure good to have a good friend who jumped in and took charge of things making sure Hessong would race. Lawrence Mikulencak went to the early lead in his first race of the season. Early on, it would appear that no one would have anything for Mikulencak. But, as fate would have it, he was sidelined with a broken throttle linkage. This opened the door for a host of others. When Mikulencak broke, Hessong was awake and shot to the lead. In the mean time, Art Rodriguez and points leader Jensen Pray were charging forward as well. Rodriguez had built a lot of steam and was reeling Hessong in. Time ran out though, and Hessong cruised to the victory.

147 GW Hessong

22 Art Rodriguez

155 Vince Kacir

57 Jensen Pray

9 David Meredith

12 Adam Perks

04 Jacob Burnett

63s Chase Sanchez

6 Vince Louden

5k Brian Brooks

156 Chris Bowen

1 Trice Hermes

87 Lawrence Mikulencak

174 Mickey Helms


The Hot Stock Trucks were met with a track that changed conditions as they ran. Justin “Peanut” Airhart led a fair bit of the feature, but Jason Bloom had a magnet on his front bumper and started pulling Peanut in lap after lap. A slick spot got the best of the Peanut and opened the door for Jason to pass. Once in the lead, Jason drove it smooth forward and took care of business, securing another feature win in the division.

49 Jason Bloom

76 Justin Airhart

5 Kevin Durham

62 Scott Symonds

43 Bob Ort

39 Nathan Kildair

84 Justin Bloom


Continuing a steady growth, with word of several more being readied for July 2nd, the Late Models had a nice showing with some nice rides on the track. Corpus Christi’s Steve Whieteaker Jr. brought both his slick looking late model and a limited modified. After dropping a valve in the limited heat, Whiteaker had it in his mind that he would not go home empty handed. Consistent Eric Neal went to the early lead with Michael Wagner in 2nd. Whiteaker picked off Wagner and then set his sights on Neal. Once to Neal, Whiteaker running the high line had enough speed and momentum to get past Neal. Neal never threw in the towel, but Whiteaker inched away as the laps passed. In the end, it was Whiteaker with Neal not far behind.

17 Steve Whiteaker Jr

97 Eric Neal

93 Jesse Harris

36 Randy Kacir

18 Michael Wagner

37 David Kulhanec

55 Louis Brumbelow

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