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ARTS at THR results and recap, 7/3/04

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After some mechanical problems in qualifying, Bryan Meredith rebounded to finish the night off with a victory in the AllStar Race Trucks - Lone Star Region feature at Thunder Hill Racway in Kyle on July 3rd. The #30 Austin Machine Shop, AMSOil Chevy started the feature in 8th position, after having rearend problems in qualifying.


Around the half way mark of the race, Bryan followed the #29 of Larry Latham to pass the ill-handling #99 of Jon Garrett. Jon, the 2002 ARTS-LS champion, was in a borrowed truck for the evening due to expiring an engine in practice. After a lap or two behind Latham, Bryan managed to stick his nose under the 29 coming out of turn 4, and hung on to the lead for the remainder of the feature. This was Bryan's 5th win of the season. His engine was sealed on June 19th in Houston, after his 4th win of the year, and then taken, inspected, and cleared after this win in Austin (Kyle).


The next stop for the Lone Star region is the 1/2 mile high banked track of San Antonio Speedway on August 14.


Results for the July 3rd ARTS 50-lap event at Thunder Hill Raceway.


Finish Driver Qualifing Info Feature Start Total Event Points Total Regional Points Regional Rank


#1 Bryan Meredith 8th at 16.956 seconds 8th 208 1591 1st

#2 Larry Latham 7th at 16.915 seconds 7th 204 1164 9th

#3 Jon Garrett 2nd at 16.756 seconds 1st 209 1508 2nd

#4 Robert Walton 9th at 17.043 seconds 9th 187 1165 8th

#5 Jimmy Spillar 3rd at 16.760 seconds 3rd 188 1445 3rd

#6 Keith Patrick 11th at 17.105 seconds 11th 176 1351 4th

#7 Bill Hamilton 4th at 16.895 seconds 4th 179 1243 7th

#8 Jim Beasley 10th at 17.103 seconds 10th 169 1256 6th

#9 Chett Gehrke 12th at 17.151 seconds 12th 164 1343 5th

#10 Jeff Rosenbeck 6th at 16.903 seconds 6th 165 165 26th

#11 Todd McLemore 1st at 16.748 seconds 2nd 167 751 12th

#12 Shawn Lehman 5th at 16.900 seconds 5th 160 160 27th

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anyway, you were both right that Bryan drove a very impressive race...There is a reason he is leading the National Championship...we have 2 other Lonestar drivers in the National ARTS Top 10, Jon T & Jimmy Spillar


ARTS National Point Standings

2004 Season


#1 Bryan Meredith

#2 Scott Riggleman

#3 Chris Correll

#4 Keith Hopkinson

#5 Jon Garrett

#6 Walt Wosko III

#7 Jimmy Spillar

#8 Gordon (Tag) Neil

#9 Scott Gregory

#10 Pete Yetman

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