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best chassis /car buillders?


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Who is the best chassis/ car builder for the track across Texas? The only fair way would be to divide it up by track and class




SSS / Sportsman


Road Runner






PS (pure stock)





Tx thunder








I can't remember all the classes for all the dirt cars so some of you dirt guys will have to help me out.

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Swenson and Norrell have definitely got a handle on the TAMS cars, but no one has tried any of the fast East Coast chassis like Laughlin yet. It would be interesting to see how they compare.

We've been real happy with the GARC SLM chassis, but I think any of the majors (PCR, Howe, etc) can be made fast.

Lefthander has probably got the LLM (Camero stub) down.

Actually, this is all academic. Any ridgid asphalt chassis will be fast with the right spring, shock, and driver combination.

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Robert Hamke:

Freddie Query - Winning the Big 10 points championship

Donald Long - Mobile (2 wins this year) 2nd All Pro at Lanier Fri Night

Richie Wauters (always fast)

Jeff Fultz - won at Lanier Friday night in All Pro

Eddie Mercer - (Mobile) 1 win this year

Clay Rodgers - Big 10 World Series Winner Last Year

Bobby Gill - Concord Winner this year

Eddy Wallace - ROMCO

Casey Smith - 3rd at Snowball


My ASA car is a Lefthander ASA:

Johnny Sauter

Butch Miller

Mike Garvey

Mike Cope

Casey Smith


There are things I like about my Hamke that Lefthander does not do and things about my Lefthander that Robert does not do.

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I think the world of Donald Long, but he, to my knowledge has not won at Mobile this year. Neither has Fast Eddie Mercer. Donald did come in 2nd at Lanier. A lot of serious racers in this area are getting Dave Mader III or Wayne Willard to build their cars. Both are very successful car builders.

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