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HOT Speedway 6/18/04 results/recaps

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Gould Grabs Gold in Mod Main

The 20 lap IMCA Modified main had William Gould and Steven Carter on the front row. Gould quickly grabbed the lead, but Trevor Egbert spun between turns 1-2. On the next try Gould again jumped out front, with National points leader Henry Witt and GW Egbert side by for second and Charles Lamb wheel to wheel with Cody Williamson for fourth.


Witt and Williamson both completed their passes on lap 2 as Witt closed in on Gould for the lead. Williamson was able to run down GW Egbert as the two battled on lap 6. By lap 8 the top two had started to get away from the field and coming to the crossed flags it was Gould, Witt, GW Egbert, Williamson and Pat McGuire in the top five.


The races only yellow came on lap 11 for spin in between turns 3-4 by James Holder. McGuire was able to get past Williamson for fourth shortly after going back to green, as Gould and Witt got ahead again. Lap 13 saw the Glick brothers, Chase and Chris running side by side for sixth, with dad nervously pacing the front stretch fence.


With five to go, Gould had a little breathing room with two car length advantage over Witt, who held a big gap back to GW Egbert. On lap 16 the Glick boys were now three wide with Keith Green, as they all swapped the sixth position back and forth. Witt was able to creep back in on Gould, but got hung up behind a lap car as the white flag flew. At the checkers it was Gould in his GRC Chassis taking the win.


IMCA Modified Results


1 60 William Gould (1)

2 701 Henry Witt (5)

3 717 GW Egbert (3)

4 9 Pat McGuire (9)

5 18 Cody Williamson (7)

6 02 Chase Glick (12)

7 52 Keith Green (8)

8 34 Ronnie Warren (14)

9 5K Kenny Stone (16)

10 01 Chris Glick (10)

11 4 David Hanusch (6)

12 5 Paul Hanusch (17)

13 14x Mike Hayashi (20)

14 99 James Holder (18)

15 3A Matt Hood (19)

16 71 Charles Lamb (4)

17 118 Steven Carter (2)

18 17 Daniel Phillips (13)

19 6 Mike Hanusch (13)

20 78 Trevor Egbert (11)


White Wins Another One

Jody Buzbee and Jeff Sexton paced the 17 car SIMS Limited Modified feature to green with Buzbee jumping out front on lap. Sexton got sideways causing a traffic stack-up with Ritchie Robins brushing the wall. By lap 4 Chris Cogburn had made his way up to seventh, battling with Brandon Dulock, after starting in last row. Buzbee had built a big lead over Roy Ewing only to have a caution erase his lead when Sexton spun Dave Stewart and received the black flag.


On the restart Ewing and Cogburn fought wheel to wheel for second, while Keith White got by Dulock for fifth. Cogburn got around Ewing on lap 7 and started to pressure Buzbee for the lead. Ewing closed back in on the lead duo as the race reached halfway. Cogburn grabbed the point as the crossed flags were shown, followed by Buzbee, Ewing, Sid Kiphen and White.


As Ewing slipped into second Buzbee fell into a three scrap for third with Kiphen and White. White continued his march to the front grabbing third and moving along side Ewing for second as the top three ran nose to tail with five to go. Brandon Stewart spun in turn 4 to bring out the yellow before completion of the 15th circuit.


The team cars of Ewing and Kiphen ran side by side on the restart, with Kiphen getting the advantage. Kiphen then challenged White for second as they ran door to door on lap 16. White was trying to get under Cogburn for the lead at the same as he got along side in turns 1-2. With Kiphen still on the high side, white on the low fell back into the clutches of Kiphen for second.


White broke free of Kiphen, who lost ground when he slid high out of the groove. White used the momentum to dive inside Cogburn as the white flag waved. Once White cleared Cogburn he was able to inch ahead and snatch the victory in his Tracy’s Auto Sales/Smileys Chassis


SIMS Limited Modified Main

1 17x Keith White

2 28 Roy Ewing

3 5 Chris Cogburn

4 87 Justin McCoy

5 77 Jody Buzbee

6 58 Sid Kiphen

7 47 Brandon Dulock

8 771 Sam Sovey

9 16 Dillon Pike

10 55 TJ Green

11 3 Dave Stewart

12 45 Eric Tomlinson

13 1B Brandon Hood

14 75 Edward Schmidt

15 06 Brandon Stewart

16 1 Ritchie Robins

Jeff Sexton DQ Rough Driving


With the track fairly baked out after the ASCS Sprint car main, the IMCA Stock car main looked more like a Stevie Nicks video with all the spinning going on. At the start of 16 car 20 lap event, rookie Brandon Guerin took the point from the pole, while Chad Estes and Jeff Sustaire worked their way forward through the carnage.


Estes and Sustaire fought door to door several times on the restarts before Estes got the spot. Estes dove inside Guerin on lap 7 restart to grab the point on lap 8 followed by Sustaire. At halfway the top five were Estes, Sustaire, Benji Kirkpatrick, Guerin and David Khoury.


In the final laps Kirkpatrick tried the high groove to get past Sustaire, while Cory Teakell made the pass on Guerin for fourth. Sustaire was able to hold off Kirkpatrick, while Estes was getting the win his Central Texas Auto Pool/Midwest Motorsports/Estes Racing/SCS Chassis.


IMCA Stock results

1 83 Chad Estes

2 872 Jeff Sustaire

3 47 Benji Kirkpatrick

4 252 Cory Teakell

5 12 Brandon Guerin

6 181 Ed Thompson

7 84 Eric Jones

8 30 Steve Spoonts

9 05 JR Lester

10 23 Shad Stevens

11 251 Brandon Dulock

12 02 Preston Ellis

13 04 Jason Honey

14 37 David Khoury

15 99 Jason Batt

16 18 Matt McDonald


Perennial front runner, Doug Andrews got out front at the start of the 15 lap Street Stock feature. Jerry Whatley tried the high side on D. Andrews until he started losing ground with a deflating left front tire. Despite a flat left front, Whatley was able to hang to second until Tommy Kirkpatrick sailed by on the high side on lap 11. At the finish it was D. Andrews adding yet another win to his impressive collection of features


Street Stock

1 1 Doug Andrews

2 71 Tommy Kirkpatrick

3 25 Jerry Whatley

4 42 Mark Guerin

5 73 David Khoury

6 181 Ed Thompson

7 22 Timmy Kemp

8 05 Charlie Goodnight

9 164 Paul Steele

10 3 Mike Southerland

11 34 Larry Moore

12 00 Merwin Baltz

13 32 Bill Eller

14 64 Danny Davis

15 111 Matt Black

16 08 Greg Andrews

17 18 Mark Bolfing


In the Pure/Hobby Stock feature Melvin Kemp got out to a good lead after Logan Saulters and Kevin Smith made contact fighting for second. Undaunted, Saulters fought back and caught Kemp on lap 9. After Kemp got a little sideways, Saulters pounced on the mistake and got the lead on lap 10. Saulters would then go on to get the victory.


Pure/Hobby Stock

1 47 Logan Saulters

2 54 Melvin Kemp

3 57 Kevin Smith

4 21 Jason Gallimore

5 11 Marshall Saucedo

6 82 Jeremy Oliver

7 44 Scott Tacker

8 48 Kirk Tidwell

9 68 Thomas Hall

10 17 Mike Robertson

11 13 Russell Cater

12 0 Tracy Sovey

13 1 Timmy Kemp

14 40 James Wills

15 27 Thomas Schmidt

16 18 Tommy Honey

17 17x Sean Robertson


After blowing a motor last week, Chad Barber started up front and led wire to wire to grab the checkers by a full straightaway. It was Barbers seventh win of the season, equaling last years entire total.



1 44 Chad Barber

2 34 Cory Homan

3 07 Michael Haisler

4 10 Russell Bracken

5 04 Michael George

6 24 Chris Wills

7 97 Linda Wills

8 08 Johnny Metcalf

9 87 Mike Bolfing

10 34Z Zack Zaidle

11 44 William Dean

12 18 Jeremy Hendrix

13 16x Dustin Cleveland

14 100 Tom Cagley

15 99 Jay Henderson

16 16 Derek Talley

17 77 David Willis


Brandon Goodnight led lap 1 of the Jr Mini Stock feature giving way to Nathan Sodek on lap 3. Sodek’s reign up front was short-lived as Kevin Green got the top spot on lap 4. Green then cruised off to get the win.

Jr Mini Stock

1 5 Kevin Green

2 60 Nathan Sodek

3 33 Jay Symm

4 1Z Matt Zaidle

5 69 Mason Ellis

6 54 Joe Don Boyce

7 22 Trey Johnson

8 8 Brandon Goodnight

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