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Practices at THR this week


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The Thunder Hill Raceway pit gate opens at Noon on Friday, 6/25/04, for the ROMCO practice and at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, 6/24/04, for the usual Thrusday THR practice. Both practices will run until dark.


While THR is holding the Friday practice at ROMCO's request, other cars are welcome. The charges are $20 for the driver and $15 for everyone else. Grandstands are free.


Joey Smith and his Circle Track Smokers will be at THR for the Friday practice. If you haven't tried Joey's BBQ yet, you should. It's great.


I will be at THR with the dB meter for both the Thursday and Friday practices and will be taking dB readings on both the back and front straights.


Nick Holt

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