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Cardinal Motor Speedway results, 6/19/04

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Crawford swings his sweet chariot low for a win.


Twenty-two IMCA Modifieds lined up for the feature event on this great night of racing. The first two rows of the starting grid looked like disaster waiting to happen but much to fans surprise the first lap got off without a hitch , and the second , to many fans ( at least those in my close proximity) amazement the first several laps were un-eventful. The entire race took place with only one restart. By lap 5 #44 Trent Crawford and #21 Jimmy Breeding had moved to the front and were racing hard with each other to get an advantage, Jimmy Breeding was working the high grove and Trent Crawford was swinging low to the inside trading positions.


#21 Jimmy Breeding had great momentum off of turn 2 and would have the advantage to turn 3 , but #44 Trent Crawford would work the inside of turns 3 & 4, and get the advantage down the front straight , repeating this for many laps , and some good driving on both drivers parts , Trent Crawford finally gained the lead after what looked like Jimmy Breeding had burned up the rear tires, and #12 Slade Johnston had fallen back to third


While back in the pack #16 Bob Sikes had a made a fierce charge to the front from his seventh row start, but to have his efforts cut short by a flat tire, he had to pull off, #85 Neal Flowers had worked his way up to the front four and was working on #12 Slade Johnston for third position.


The feature 20 lapper went by quickly with only one red flag to remove a broken race car , and #44 Trent Crawford held the low grove to the checkered.


IMCA Modifieds


1#44 Trent Crawford

2.#21 Jimmy Breeding

3.#85 Neal Flowers

4.#12 Slade Johnston

5.#8 Ken Couch

6.#86 Brian Flowers



IMCA Stock cars had a great turn out with 20 cars to start the feature race. Brought to the green flag by #7 Walter Freeman, and #6 Lynard Barrera, the stockers also had an almost flawless race with only 2 restarts, making for a fast feature run. As #6 Lynard Barrera faded back , and #8 Dustin Locke and #55 Trey Jarrel worked in to the top three cars, the top four were opening up a lead while you could have thrown a blanket over 5th thru 12th places, they were quite bunched up and racing hard.


#8 Dustin Locke had the car to beat tonight and was a rocket ship on the outside, while #7 Walter Freeman was a strong second place, #55 Trey Jarrel, and #16 Bubba Sikes had a little harder time getting the position for third decided.


IMCA Stock Cars


1.#8 Dustin Locke

2.#7 Walter Freeman

3.#55 Trey Jarrel

4.#16 Bubba Sikes

5.#2 Chad Warren

6.#34 Tim Pyle


IMCA Hobby Stock


1.#16 Triston Sikes

2.#15 Timothy Kent

3.#4 Josh Pickerel

4.#71 James Newton

5.#01 Jack Lavender

6.#48 Buddy Hicks


Street Stocks

1.#8 Russell Lee

2.#29 Wesley Crouch

3.#99 Junior Dosher

4.#37 Kenneth Seay

5. #71 Jay McClearen

6.#41 Eddie Traywick




1.#9 Joe Flenner

2.#53 Danny Lam

3.#7 James White

4.#24 Tony Vega

5.#3 Steve Huse

6.#66 Leonard Trevinio




1.#0 James Cathey

2.#5 Cody Hodges

3.#17 Zachary Mason

4.#49 Brandon Gage

5.#10 ?

6.#15 Carbie McCearen

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