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I-37 Raceway opening night updates 3/12/11


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Pure Stocks

99 Frank Okruhlik

7x Janel Hilla

26c Cody Leonard

88 Brandy Ramzinski

117 Devin Adler

66R Rick Snider

19 Jarrett Barber

15 William Cavender

44 James Watson

58 Randy Frautschi

22 Bernie Jureski

71 Mike Harrison

10c Carolyn Campbell

89 Talon Minten

94 Adam Torres

96 Justin Henley

581 Hunter Flanagan

21j Dennis Cox---DNS


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IMCA Southern Sportmods

34 Michael Walker

66 Johnny Torres

26g JJ Jennings

58 Moe VanKirk

4$ Kris Rye

66y Randy Yount

92 Jason Stanley

18 Larry Jernigan

99x Michael Hernandez

9 Ray Doyon III

11 Tom Grothues

22 Randy Bennett

15c JC Pilcher

60 Pat Lyon

4 Robby Minten

10 Travis Penney

85 Jeff Nix

21c Barry Codling

828 John Kennebrew---DNS

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Way to go g diddy.

You did great tonight. A win in our LLM and a win in your mod. Could it get any better!



Thanks to our sponsors:

sundowner rv, quality ambulance, culligan water conditioner, TX concrete, Ross electric, climate control, hansco demolition.

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I had a blast running out there last night! I plan on continuing to run out there! It was nice to meet you Cassie! You and your mom are two wonderful ladies! See yall next week!


What class did you run in matt?

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